MLS All-Star Game: AS Roma vs MLS All-Star Team: Open Thread

The 2013 MLS All-Star Game kicks off tonight with AS Roma battling the MLS All-Star Team at Sporting Park, the home of Sporting Kansas City.

The broadcast begins at 9pm ET on ESPN2 and Unimas.

At halftime, MLS Commissioner Don Garber is expected to answer questions about MLS expansion and allegations of racism by Chivas USA.

Expect an excellent atmosphere tonight for an entertaining game between two teams filled with international stars.

Before, during or after tonight’s game, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comment section below. And don’t forget, there’ll be an open thread at 11pm ET tonight too for Everton versus Juventus in the International Champions Cup game that will be televised live on FOX Soccer.

12 thoughts on “MLS All-Star Game: AS Roma vs MLS All-Star Team: Open Thread”

  1. WTH… Looks like the MLS All-Star Game is going to be pre-empted by little league baseball on ESPN2.

  2. I’m going to throw up if they keep on showing the Ref Cam. The motion is making me feel sick.

    The Ref Cam has got to go. Who was the person that had that bright idea?

  3. The All-Star team doesn’t have enough time together to actually develop any chemistry. After watching the British and Irish Lions Aussie tour this year for the first time I think that MLS should have the All-Star team play several games together as a team. Have it start out at the beginning of July verse say a top NASL side and lower European teams like Stoke and Norwich and then build up to a final big game verse a better more popular European team at the end of July. The individual MLS teams could still schedule friendlies against foreign opponents as well. This would definitely require MLS to take the month of July off.

    1. Agreed!… What is the point of MLS all star??! Who cares how great they are, they dont play together, so how can they be expected to play well as a team. This makes how many losses now for the MLS all stars???


      1. The only major reason for the MLS All-Star Game is to promote the league, showcasing the league’s best stars and creating a TV-friendly experience that they hope will win over new fans.

        1. Wouldn’t a team made up of MLS’s best that goes around the country and gradually playing better with each other promote the league more than a one off where they get embarrassed by a team that is just starting their presason?

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