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Gareth Bale Tells Andre Villas-Boas He Wants to Leave Tottenham

gareth bale Gareth Bale Tells Andre Villas Boas He Wants to Leave Tottenham

Gareth Bale has told Tottenham Hotspur manager Andre Villas-Boas that he wants to leave the club, according to talkSPORT Radio.

Bale met with Villas-Boas today and verbally told his manager that he wants to leave the club. No written transfer request has been submitted by Bale, but his intent is clear.

With Bale wanting to leave the club, the ball is now in Daniel Levy’s court to decide what he wants to do with his talented attacking midfielder — whether he wants to sell Bale to Real Madrid, or if Tottenham wants to dig their heels in and refuse to let him go.

Yesterday there were media reports in Spain that Real Madrid were willing to pay £125million for Gareth Bale.

What should Levy do? Should Tottenham Hotspur try to extend Bale’s contract, or should the club sell Bale to Real Madrid and use the money to finance several transfer signings? Have your say in the comments section below.

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40 Responses to Gareth Bale Tells Andre Villas-Boas He Wants to Leave Tottenham

  1. COYx says:

    Sell Bale at the peak of hype and use proceeds to finance new stadium.

  2. Bucky says:

    C’mon, talksport? might as well source some kid in India.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      talkSPORT says their source is legit and that it’s not a rumor.

      • Peter says:

        Did you expect them to say that it was just a rumor and their source doesn’t know anything actually?

        All this back and forth is pointless and rumor mongering until either:

        A. Bale submits a Transfer request

        B. RM publicly announces they have signed Bale

        C. Spurs publicly announce they have let Bale go

        Honestly, I wish all these reporters were held to some kind of accountability for the crap they put out there. If Bale is still on Spurs on Sep. 1st all these reporters should be fired.

  3. Jyde says:

    I think Tottenham should cash in on Bale and let him go. With that money they can bring in some new players who can set the EPL agog. I doubt Bale’s inclusion in the Galacticos line up will change the status quo in the la liga but either way I am excited to see what happens and he’d better deliver else….your guess is as good as mine. And as we have seen time and time again, money will not buy you the champions league. So, let Bale bail out!!!

  4. jono says:

    Spurs should only sell if its in their interest – who know whats going on behind the scenes but I wish the Tottenham people well and Bale should accept what they decide as it was he who signed a five year contract which he was more thgan happy to do at the time.


  5. DA Fadeaway says:

    Include Coentrao & Di Maria and 60M, then buy Suarez & Pastore to go alongside the Soldado Signing.
    One Dangerous team

  6. Bod says:

    I think the whole RM behaviour is a disgrace; biggest club in the world, maybe … far from being the classiest though. I don’t want Bale to go and we simply do not have to sell him, regardless of what the media thinks. £125m is ridiculous though and if we got £100m+ we should sell, in our long-term interests. But when it comes to RM, I say “show me the money, first!”

  7. SRUPS says:


    has a big point its up to Spurs and if they want to sell then they are entitled to expect top dollar as not even a 100mil goes that far at this level

  8. joey says:

    how do you know, was you a fly on the wall today or discuised as a goal post?

  9. jono says:

    Agree with Bods sentiments but Spurs should be the Judge of what Bale is worth as only they can truly know what value they can get back!

    No doubt everytime they make an enquiry the price jumps because they think Spurs have 100mil plus!

  10. Makes Sence says:

    Agree up to Spurs – they own the contract no one else – for those who dont agree would you be happy if someone else dictated to you what your valuables are worth!

  11. Stephen says:

    If Bale’s dead set on going then I don’t see how you can refuse the boat load of cash Madrid are apparently offering. He’ll never be worth more than he is now.

  12. Pete Q says:

    Bale’s worth to Tottenham is more than 100-125M. He scored the majority of their late winners last season. And he is their whole marketing program.

    Take him out of the equation and Tottenham aren’t fighting for the last Champions League spot last year and they don’t have the global name recognition they have at this moment.

    Tottenham won’t be able to bring in any major signings this season because the big names have already gone and no one is beating down the doors to play for Tottenham anyway.

    If Madrid will go for it, Tottenham should make a behind the scenes agreement with them to sell Bale before the start of next season. It won’t be for 100M, probably less.

    Levy should tell Bale, “You’re under contract anyway. We don’t have to sell you to anyone. But give us this year, get us into the Champions League so we can (maybe) attract some players to replace you, and then we’ll sell you to Madrid next year.”

    My opinion is Tottenham are screwed no matter when Bale leaves. They’re just not going to attract another big name.

    Unless Villas Boas is the manager everyone is making him out to be and he turns Tottenham into a juggernaut.

    • Clampdown says:

      Bale is worth is more than 100-125M? It’s nice that he scored many match winners, but the reality is Spurs didn’t make Champions League and haven’t won anything while he has been there. And suggesting they will this year is pure speculation.

      No doubt he is a great player, but even if he is sold for 75M that price tag will be debated by everyone who isn’t a Spurs supporter. It’s crazy money.

      • Pete Q says:

        Not trying to start an argument, but you don’t seem to have a grasp as to the kind of money generated by big time European football.

        Look at the TV contracts alone.

        If Bale is sold, Tottenham don’t have a player (or players) on their roster who could generate the kind of attention that Bale does (and is).

        I don’t think Bale, as a footballer alone, is worth 100-125M. But Bale the name and product is worth 100-125M to Tottenham.

        They will never sign a Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, etc. Bale is Tottenham’s equivalent to those players.

        HE’S NOT ON THEIR LEVELS AS A FOOTBALLER. But he generates the kind of fan interest, ticket sales, tv viewership, etc that those players do.

        Would you even be talking or reading about Tottenham if he weren’t on the team?

        • Clampdown says:

          TV channels and marketing execs decide who to market and the public will buy it. There will be others after Bale. He is being mythologized at this point.

          Would I be reading about Spurs, otherwise? Absolutely. Even absent Bale they are an interesting club, with a great young manager, and some very good young players. Bale undoubtedly brings in more fans, and yes, that deserves a premium as far as Tottenham are concerned. But 120M. Sorry, that’s just plain mental.

          • Pete Q says:

            You’re a football fan and so am I. We’re going to read and watch just about everything about most clubs.

            You’re right, Bale is absolutely being mythologized. I agree and I’ve basically said that in my earlier posts.

            But bottom line is, Spurs have never had a player with a billboard in Times Square.

            Bale is being marketed to a global audience. His value to Spurs is enormous.

            When he goes, the potential for any kind of global audience goes for Spurs.

            Villas Boas is a good manager and Tottenham have good players. But kids in Japan are buying Bale’s jersey, watching his matches, and visiting the Tottenham website because of him.

            When he goes, Spurs will still be Spurs (they are a great club). But the potential for the “Spurs product” to grow will take a hit.

            Unless they start making regular appearances in the Champions League.

        • COYx says:

          Spurs TV revenues come from Sky Sports contract and are not affected if Bales leaves. Not in the near term at least. Spurs total revenue was £163.5M with commercial revenue only at 37M. Even if entire commercial revenue were generated by selling Bale t-shirts and image right it would take more than 3 years to break even with price tag of 125M.

          Keeping Bale will not elevate Spurs to the next level the new stadium will. Spurs won jackpot and need to cash in until it is too late. They need new stadium badly to boost matchday and commercial revenue and have more balanced and self-sustainable business model. Especially after Sky Sports EPL bubble bursts.

  13. Makes Sence says:

    Pete makes some sence but dont talk your Spurs down and give tem some credit for trying to do what is best for theit club ad fans- if Spurs do as you hope I am sure we can find excellent players for next season.

    Keep the faith



  14. Kagawa26 says:

    This is crazy. These British players are going for ridiculous fees. They are so massively over rated. Becks rooney and now Bale. Hes never gonna be as good as CR7. This guy doesnt have 50 goals a season in him. If hes the most expensive transfer in history then i have to laugh. Reals childness is not befitting of a top club. They just want to have Bale so the neymar snub doesnt look as bad. They want Neymar and messi vs. Bale and Cr7. Watching neymar and bale i have to say neymar is the better player and he has more talent and more goals than Bale. Bale is 24 and i dont see him being better than neymar or even getting on the level of Cr7 or messi. Real dont want to be one upped by Barca. This will be the biggest flop in history. When you buy him at age 24 for the largest transfer fee there is no acclimating for Bale and he has to at least score 35. Ronaldo scored 35 goals for Real in his first season and he was out for two months. Big shoes to fill for Bale. This is a massive con by Levy.

  15. Kagawa26 says:

    To show how grossly inflated his fee is. You can buy Goetze and Neymar for the same price as Bale. Lol. Goetze+Neymar>>>>Bale.

  16. Mufc77 says:

    He won’t be able to handle the pressure at Madrid and he will be back in the EPL within 3-4 seasons.

  17. Pete Q says:

    Is anyone watching the defensive showcase between AC Milan and Man City right now?….5-3, City in the FIRST HALF!!!

  18. Guy says:

    I am a Bale admirer, but the guy is as one-footed as a cyclops is one-eyed. I don’t think he can continue to get away with it. Why does anyone ever go for his “I’m going right” feint from the right side of the box? He can’t even put in a decent right footed cross from there, but habitually tries to flick one in with the outside of his left foot. From the left side of the box you can let him run right all day with little fear of much happening, unless you let him cut back, which you already know he is going to have to do.

    Of course, everyone already knows this, but he scores anyway. That is a great credit to him and his overall athleticism and certainly part of the fun in watching him play. I just don’t see it all working for him long term. God forbid whenever he loses that first step.

    The money being talked about is insane and I don’t know who is crazier…the bidders or Levy for saying, “No way.”

  19. dck says:

    Real Madrid continues to pillage Spurs.

  20. Mark Williamson says:

    I am an Arsenal fan, and if this is true this guy just dropped ten notches on my admiration list. There is no effing loyalty with teams anymore and the money is going to ruin this sport. Shame on you, Bale, for following the scent of cash.

    • Kagawa26 says:

      Are you retarded. What does this have to do with loyalty. He is 24 and its now or never. He wants to play in the Ucl not the Europa. Money ia not a prime factor in this decision its purely footballing. He wants to challenge for league titles and be a winner. Spurs cant offer him that. So he should fight for top 4 instead of going to a club where he can win something. I am not knocking spurs but its foolish to say he followed the money.

  21. Frill Artist says:

    Spurs have nothing to offer a world class player.

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