Liverpool Have Arsenal Right Where They Want Them With £50m+ Demand for Luis Suarez

Another day, another twist in the ongoing saga of whether or not Liverpool will part ways with striker Luis Suárez. Just two weeks ago, it seemed as if the Reds had missed their best chance to move on from the talented but troubled Suárez after the team turned down a £30 million offer from Arsenal.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers’ resolve was tested again last week when Arsenal came back with a transfer bid of £40 million plus £1. But the Reds still said no.

Now, with the start of the Premier League season less than three weeks away, it is looking at least possible that Arsenal may need to acquire Suárez and that it may come at Liverpool’s asking price of more than £50 million.

The Gunners find themselves in this position after seeing Real Madrid’s Gonzalo Higuain change his mind about coming to London, instead opting to move to Napoli (who needed to fill a hole left by the departure of Edinson Cavani to Paris Saint-Germain).

As Greg Howard pointed out at Deadspin, this leaves Arsenal in a tough position. After watching Neymar sign with Barcelona, Radamel Falcao move to AS Monaco, Zlatan Ibrahimović sign with Paris Saint-Germain, and Stevan Jovetić join Manchester City, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger looks to be left with just one option to improve the club.

That’s where Liverpool and Suárez come in, as Suárez is the only big-talent striker (potentially) on the market. That means Rodgers and Liverpool might have Arsenal right where they want them.

As the days count down to the start of the season, if Wenger and Arsenal start to get desperate and continue to up their offer, it may become a moot point whether or not Liverpool wants to sell – every player can be had at a certain price.

For his part, Wenger said that he does not expect to be making any announcements soon about acquiring any new players.

“There is nothing to say (on the Suárez deal),” Wenger told ESPN. “I have been away now for two or the weeks and it’s hard to see how things are advanced because everyone is on tour at the moment and it’s very difficult to get in touch with people.

“We are ready to do quick deals but all the transfers do not depend only on us. We are prepared to wait. It looks unlikely before the Emirates Cup (next weekend), but we still have a strong squad.”

It seems unlikely that Arsenal, which has spent just £9 million NET, taking into consideration sales,total on transfers in the past 10 years, would be willing to come up with more than £50 million for a single player, but we could have said the same thing when they offered £30 million and they came back with a higher bid.

It appears that Liverpool is playing this one smart. The Reds don’t have to sell Suárez; he may not like it if he opens the season at Anfield (after he serves the rest of his suspension for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic, of course), but there are ways around that.

Rodgers can tell Suárez to suck it up, reminding him that the club has stood behind him to a fault for his on-field shenanigans. Or they could give him a bump in pay, which, surprisingly, can often go a long way in soothing a player’s hurt feelings.

Club officials are sticking to the position that they have no intention of selling Suárez, with managing director Ian Ayre telling The Guardian that, “The situation with Luis Suárez remains the same. It’s never been our intention to sell Luis.”

If Liverpool sticks to its guns and Arsenal walks away, then worst-case is the Reds hold on to a player who scored 23 goals in 33 games last season. If Arsenal meets their price, then they can move on and have the funds needed to improve the club.

The flipside, though, is if Liverpool were to let Suárez go, they would then be in the same boat the Arsenal currently finds themselves in as there would not be anyone out there worth buying who could make up for the loss of Suárez on the offensive end.

Suárez brings so much nonsense to the pitch with him that it has become easy to overlook just how talented he can be. If he goes, it may be better for the team long-term, as long as they don’t squander the money like they did when they sold Fernando Torres, but the short-term could be pretty ugly.

Whichever way this story goes, there’s no doubt the next few weeks should be very interesting.

32 thoughts on “Liverpool Have Arsenal Right Where They Want Them With £50m+ Demand for Luis Suarez”

  1. 50 million pounds for a headcase who could blow up and get himself banned at any time? There’s no way Arsenal get that kind of value out of Suarez.

    Take the hint Arsene, pass.

  2. I never thought I’d see the day when this site would reference Greg Howard or anyone at Deadspin. What is next, Bleacher Report?

  3. Arsenal just need to look somewhere else. You’re going to pay that kind of money for someone who is already only eligible for 28 matches?

    I know they would expect to keep him for more than this season, but really…..

  4. I believe the opposite to your analysis, If Arsenal pull out, Liverpool will be left with a very unhappy player who will miss the first 6 games,and as Arsenal found its impossible to keep players, with the wrong attitude. The reality is the players have the power. Liverpool will also lose £40 to £45 million pounds. Arsenal had the third best attack last season one goal less than Chelsea, so will cope as many of the players are scoring goals.

    1. Suarez having a bad attitude if he doesn’t get his way is a legitimate concern. If he ends up staying at Liverpool, hopefully Rodgers can get him to accept it rather than pout about it.

    2. For some players this is a concern (think Tevez, think Torres) but with Suarez…not really. He’s not the type to give less than 100% just because he’s unhappy – it’s full-throttle every time he steps onto the pitch.

  5. Arsenal have spent much more than 9 million pounds total in the last 10 years. Cazorla was 12 million alone. Check your source again. It is $9 million NET, taking into account the sales. The bigger point is that Arsenal’s spending record was around $15 million pounds. Now they are at 40 million?

      1. You can fix it by not going off of what Greg Howard writes, regardless of who he thinks said what:

        “They have a £30 million-a-year new uniform sponsorship with Puma starting in 2014. As Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville pointed out in May, they’ve only spent a net £9 million in transfers over the last 10 years. In theory, Arsenal finally have money to compete with Manchester United, City, and Chelsea at home, and the richest clubs abroad.”

        Save us the dribble Howard posts on Deadspin.

  6. I initially thought this was the right move for us, but then the price kept going up and up… The news that we’re looking elsewhere today has been reassuring. But talk about a disappointing transfer period!


  8. Arsenal should take what it takes to bring Suarez tn Emirate stadium before the begining of Emirate cup. But i believe Liverpoll will sell suarez at £42.5 million to Arsenal.

    And also we need three signing to support Suarez, which are Fellani, Bernard and keeper Julio Ceaser.

  9. Wenger is too stingy and he won’t buy any new players, if he does the player is not quality! Luis is a star, but is a risky player, there is no guaranty that he shall be loyal to the team!

  10. Where is the daily twist the article refers to? Liverpool set the price tag at the end of May. I don’t see anything regarding any new information about Arsenal upping a bid.

  11. The longer this waits the less time LFC have to find a replacement. I think this deal goes through as soon as LFC tie down a replacement. LFC are a club that will want to present their new player the same day so that they will be able to show their fans that they are still a big club. Even if that Big Club still has not won a Premier League trophy. And unless something happens soon, they wont win it for some time

  12. We’re assuming Arsenal really wants the guy to begin with, right?

    With that bunch my FIRST thought at any bit of transfer gossip is “there goes Arsenal again, pretending to want to spend money (but having no intention of actually doing so).”

    1. haha…very true….the big names usually start flowing once season tickets are up for renewal.
      Difference now is they actually have money to spend and they are not.

  13. I have the believe that Arsen Wenger would not buy at the asking price. He has technicallygoes out of Higuein’s deal at a lesser price. Don’t be surprised that closure of the window will be the ground for not a buy. He has said he has a required potent to complete in elite division. In Arsen we trust continues.

  14. I don’t fully agree with the article.

    There is no rush for Suarez for Arsenal to complete the deal before the season starts because he is banned for 6 matches (set Europe aside for now). Arsenal completing a deal on the last day of the transfer window (like they’ve done many times because they are cheap and get the lowest price possible) is the worst thing that could happen to Liverpool because there wont be enough time to find a replacement or the right replacement.
    If Suarez stays he will sulk and will angle for a move in January….don’t forget that most top players don’t move in January because they are cup tied in Europe but this won’t be an issue for Suarez.

    This whole transfer is confusing…Arsenal should’ve signed Higuain and would’ve still had enough left to buy a top defender and midfielder.

    1. Agree that making a deal at the last minute would not be ideal for Liverpool. I think if Arsenal were to wait until the last minute then Liverpool might walk away from the deal, as hard has that may be for them.

  15. Guess what? Liverpool does NOT have Arsenal where they want them. All Wenger has to do is say no. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see Suarez come to Arsenal. I think Wenger could change this young man, but to say that Liverpool is in the driver’s seat in crazy. Arsenal will survive until the next transfer window.

    1. Actually LFC do have him where they want him. First, because if Arsenal want Suarez they’ll have to pay a huge amount to get him. Second, because if Arsenal back out LFC still have Suarez, a player who, despite being disappointed, will give nothing less than 100% in every match he plays.

  16. I do not support the fact that we should spend that much on a player now.Present players are doing the job and with psychology that they are starting this season with a Suarez will evolve. Our problem have always being that we are impatient.We always want to blame Wenger when the real problem are the want away players who continue to destroy the structure Wenger is building..Let us see what come up after the Emirate cup then we can start getting desperate.It is a warning for Liverpool when Wenger said he want the deal before saturday because the might of thee team would have evolved and then arsenal will be at the drivers seat.

  17. And suddenly a club having to loan out 1st team players like Reina and loaning left backs, now are linked with a Striker from Atletico but it isnt a replacement for Suarez. ok. Looks like the Suarez is headed to the Emirates

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