Cardiff City Away and Third Shirts for the 2013-14 Season [PHOTOS]

Cardiff City today unveiled their new away and third shirts for the 2013-14 season, or at least we think they did.

The Bluebirds, who wear red as their home kit, revealed the new shirts (pictured above), which the club website are calling their “alternative kits.” But which one is the away, and which one is the third shirt?

Whether Cardiff City have labeled their new kits as “alternatives” on purpose, or if it’s an intern who overlooked pointing out which is away and which is third, I don’t know. It could be an attempt by the club to just call them both “alternatives” rather than upset already Cardiff City fans by naming their blue kit the away kit, when it should be their home kit.

Regardless, both kits are pretty ordinary, which is disappointing from Puma, who are often much more creative with their designs.

The yellow kit was worn by Cardiff for the first time tonight in a preseason friendly that they lost against Brentford.

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3 thoughts on “Cardiff City Away and Third Shirts for the 2013-14 Season [PHOTOS]”

  1. I’m dreading the welsh derby next season as how are we going to take them seriously in RED ??. Other than that how are anyone going to take them seriously when they cant sign nobody not because they cant afford them but because nobody wants to play for them, I want Cardiff to stay in the premier league good for welsh football but have serious doubts, they need to sign more players like cornelius nobody heard off so will be a surprise package.

  2. Yeah the Home kit is shocking personally, has a season ticket holder I will be purchasing the away one preferably the BLUE !! which should be our home kit . and to mr MCcanns comments, how are we going to take them seriously, nobody wants to sign for us and got no money ! WATCH THIS SPACE, Obviously you must be a jack. 8m & 9m on Caulker think you know him well Oops

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