David Moyes Turns to Luka Modric as Manchester United’s Search For a Star Widens: Nightly Soccer Report

The Times newspaper is reporting tonight that Manchester United have turned their attention away from trying to sign Cesc Fabregas, and are now pursuing Real Madrid’s Luka Modric.

United are planning a £25million bid for the former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder.

What do you think? Is it a bogus transfer story fabricated by the British newspaper, or is there a grain of truth to this one? Modric would certainly fit in well at United if given the opportunity. Have your say in the comments section below.

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21 thoughts on “David Moyes Turns to Luka Modric as Manchester United’s Search For a Star Widens: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. LOL….And i’m sure rat boy will be on the phone to Bale…its great come with me to Man Utd…So Man Utd turned down by Cesc.

    Now they need the player voted biggest flop signing by spanish fans and media for last year…c’mon Man Utd…has the demise already started? we haven’t even had the first game yet…Rat Boy..WOW

    1. dust
      do you give any credence to the Bale story since it is in the Guardian?if you had to bet your last dollar will he go or stay?

      1. I think he will stay…here is a link to the only things that have actually been said by Bale and the club publicly



        its a collection of quotes….Bales agent the Infamous Jonathan Barnett is a dirt bag… and is probably doing what 99% of agents do, serve themselves.

        Its widely understood that Bale will be offered a new contract with a bumper pay rise to 150k PW…
        The club has been steadfast and Bale has not been in the dark whatsoever, sure he may have been told its “now or never”, “RM don’t go back after being tuned down”… all the typical bully rubbish…its just a matter of whether you buy into it.

        I do not believe he will go, he just signed an extension last summer and has 3 years left, this is Real Mardid reacting poorly to Neymar being at Barca…

        Click and read the link below to an article that Im sure only scratches the surface….


        Real are bank roled By the Spanish Bank Santader who are the recipient of billions from the EU to survive…

        There hasn’t even been a written bid yet. I expect Bale to sign a new contract and flip RM the bird!

        all the rubbish on the Marca back page that spawned the garbage press in the UK to regurgitate it was the exact same copy they ran from the Modric story last year…. WORD for WORD…

      1. You want him to be that way…you want him to be Rooney…
        You know us keeping Bale and adding Soldado to the squad on top of Paulinho and Chadli makes us a threat, we were the only team to take 4pts of you last year, with these additions, we look very good indeed…

        But keep hoping!

        1. You took 4 points of us and still only finished 17 points behind. Add in the fact our defending was horrible up until the new year AND we got nothing from our wingers all season I’d say other teams should fear is once again.

  2. This all shows how great a manager David Moyes is. Nearing the end of pre season and we still havent made any significant squad improvements. This guy is a damn joke. This isnt Fifa but not even one midfielder David?? We have Kondogbia sitting at Sevilla waiting for someone to pick him up. Lots of quality out there Moyes Real and Barca dont have all the best players even if that Fifa World XI indicates that

    1. Yeah, good grief. Have you followed the sport only since Kagawa played for the rags or something? Moyes is an excellent manager and should be given a fair chance to show what he can do before being slammed like that.

  3. CONCACAF and COMEBOL need to come to some sort of common ground and form a true Copa America with the 10 COMEBOL members and 6 members from CONCACAF and if more teams can improve in quality they can increase the number of CONCACAF teams.

  4. Bale mum and dad are involved? And they want him to stay at spurs but it’s his agent Jonathan Barnett that has been telling Real to keep applying pressure?

    That’s a lot of drama jeez….£120m cash and I’m sure levy will take it.

    1. If bale needs to get his mummy and daddy to hold his hand then he’s not cut out to live in another country and play for one of the worlds biggest clubs.

      I’ve said before on here I like bale but he’s not worth that kind of silly money but if your spurs you would be foolish to turn it down. I still reckon he will get found out in la liga and he will be back in the EPL in 3/4 years time.

  5. Mr.Moyes’s actions, or rather lack of, remind me of Roy Hogson, then Liverpool manager, saying how he really wanted to sign Luke Moore.
    If you aim for the sky Mr. Moyes, you might fall on your face. If you aim for the stars, you still might find the heavens.

    Get rid of the mid table mentality please and do something.

    1. Easy there, Casey Kasem. Moyesy is still assessing his players and sorting out the Rooney dilemma. Man Utd has always been about the team dynamic and not the big name signing, except RVP last year. Not sure how you see his interest in Cesc or Modric as mid table mentality signings.

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