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André Villas-Boas Refuses to Deny That Real Madrid Bid for Gareth Bale: Daily Soccer Report

bale villa boas André Villas Boas Refuses to Deny That Real Madrid Bid for Gareth Bale: Daily Soccer Report

Andre Villas-Boas has refused to deny that Real Madrid have made a bid for Gareth Bale.

According to an article in The Guardian today, Villas-Boas was asked point-blank whether the reports in Marca that Bale wants to join Real Madrid were true or not.

Villas-Boas replied:

“I don’t want to comment on anything like that. I cannot speak about anything.”

Villas-Boas then refused to confirm or deny if there had been any official offers. “I don’t want to comment.”

Either the Tottenham Hotspur manager is sick of being asked about Bale’s future at the club, or there may be some truth to the article published in the Spanish media.

Marca reported that Real Madrid have made an offer of £51million to sign Bale.

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14 Responses to André Villas-Boas Refuses to Deny That Real Madrid Bid for Gareth Bale: Daily Soccer Report

  1. ColinSC says:

    Why would it matter if the Chairman of Tottenham has categorically stated he is not for sale at any price? Tottenham have said Bale is not for sale, any speculation by other teams is contravening rules set down and is described as ‘Tapping up’ players

  2. Sacto Blues says:

    Until Bale is at a Real Madrid press conference holding up a Madrid kit then this all silly word games. AVB said this, Bale said that, etc … The Spanish media have gotten a lot wrong this summer like Mata and Luiz are off to Barca for example. I’m surprised Dust hasn’t exploded on this yet.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      AVB did himself no favors today with his ‘no comment’ answers. If the stories are really hogwash, then he needs to set the record straight at every opportunity. But putting doubts in people’s minds, AVB and Tottenham Hotspur are only fueling speculation.

      • Jdoe says:

        AVB’s no comment makes no difference. This site and others will still publish rumours with no basis. Saying anything about the situation does nothing to help the Spurs

      • Rob Donnelly says:

        I would imagine that at this stage that AVB has had enough of being asked the same question.

        Its Levy’s job to come out with a statement and put it to bed, the longer Levy stays silent the more nervous i become.

        • No_Lie says:

          I think if RM had really offered 100MM for Bale Levy would have taken it and he would have been right to do so. Bale is great but 100MM is a lot of money to Spurs and we just don’t know if Bale will have another season as great as last year.

          No, this is all just RM stirring up trouble by using Marca to spread lies.

      • No_Lie says:

        So, Marca acts as Real Madrid’s mouthpiece and prints an obvious pack of lies and a bunch of media lapdogs (including yourself) dutifully repeat the lies but now you are blaming Tottenham for fueling speculation??? Wow.

        You’re a joke and this site is a joke. You’re clearly only interested in generating page hits by re-printing tabloid garbage.

        • Christopher Harris says:

          How do you know that Marca printed lies? What proof do you have?

          “Media lapdogs”? All respectable soccer media publications have reported on the news, including The Guardian. What ‘holier than thou’ publications have not reported the news?

          • No_Lie says:

            In the thread yesterday posters clearly showed that the ‘quotes’ in the Marca story were the exact same ‘quotes’ that Marca has used in the past when they have assisted RM in trying to tap up players under contract. But you ignore that.

            Just because other media re-printed the lies does not make them true. The Bale story is generating page hits which is why those sites are re-printing the lies. And that is also why you keep posting about it.

            • Christopher Harris says:

              That’s untrue. Share with me the source of the Marca article where the quotes were used for another story.

              I have never said that the information is true. I’m reporting what Marca is reporting, which includes direct quotes. I’m not publishing stories to generate page hits. I’m simply reporting the news as other news organizations are too.

        • FreddyFreak says:

          No_Lie, Who talks to someone like that? This site posts news stories related to football and if anything involves your crush you get rude. I imagine you aren’t any better in the real world.

          • No_Lie says:

            Crush?? You know nothing about me. If Spurs were really offered 80MM for Bale they should take it because who knows if he will ever have another season like last season.

            But gossip is not ‘news’ and the Marca story with completely fabricated ‘quotes’ is 100% gossip. Pointing that out to the person who insists on continuing to post about it here (complete with their own commentary on how Tottenham is ‘fueling speculation’) is not rude.

  3. Balboa75 says:

    Stay classy Spuds supporters! I used to want Bale to stay in the epl cause he is an amazing athlete, but you knobs don’t deserve him.

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