Gareth Bale Tells Tottenham, “I Only Want to Play For Real Madrid”

Tottenham star Gareth Bale has told Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy that he only wants to play for Real Madrid, and that Levy has broken his promise to let Bale join the Spanish club, according to a new reports in Spain.

Here’s what Bale allegedly told Levy, according to Marca:

“You made me a promise. You promised me if we didn’t qualify for the Champions League and a good offer turned up you’d listen to it.

“Well that offer has arrived and I want to play for Real Madrid. So keep your word and negotiate.

“I’m not interested in Manchester United or any other club. I only want to play for Real Madrid.”

Bale supposedly told those words to Levy last week in London before the player headed out to Asia for the Barclays Asia Trophy.

Spanish newspaper AS reports that Levy is only willing to let Bale go for offers of more than £100million.

At the same time, Tottenham Hotspur manager Andre Villas-Boas says that contract talks are undergoing between Bale’s agent and the London club regarding a new contract to fend off interest from Real Madrid.

Villas-Boas said:

“There was contact between the club and his agent last year and there is ongoing contact between the club and his agent.

“We renewed his contract at the beginning of last season, if you remember, and it’s something that is being dealt with by the chairman and the agent.

“Talks are ongoing but that doesn’t mean there is an agreement. At the moment we’re confident that the player is under contract at Tottenham, as was done last year. It’s something that we’re speaking about, but there aren’t any developments.”

The longer that Bale and Tottenham stall on agreeing a new contract, the more tense the situation becomes regarding whether Bale will stay in England or not.

What do you make of the developing story? Are Real Madrid trying to unsettle Bale by feeding lies to Madrid newspaper Marca? Or is everything rosy between Bale and Tottenham as Villas-Boas infers? Or is the truth somewhere in between? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

51 thoughts on “Gareth Bale Tells Tottenham, “I Only Want to Play For Real Madrid””

  1. You do know that this is just the Modric story from last year with the names replaced?

    Such lazy, lazy, lazy journalism. Anything to get some hits, eh!

      1. Why when its old news. Not relevant moron, try again.

        This article is pathetic, my cat could have written it.

      2. Not a direct copy… but it’s literally the story Marca printed last year when they were trying to – and the successfully – unsettle Modric.

        Picked up by ESPN, and now you.

        Totally lazy journalism.

        1. I don’t believe that’s correct. AS was the paper that ran the “I want to play in Real Madrid” story by Luka Modric.

      3. Can you share a link to a reputable source regarding this ridiculous article you’ve copied and pasted?
        When Bale steps out in a Spurs shirt on the opening day of the season, I hope you feel ridiculous. Like you should now.

          1. No, no. I’ll ask again. Or maybe rephrase it so you understand;
            Can you link to something that shows those quotes, that you’ll happily accredit to Gareth Bale, aren’t completely and utterly made up.
            “ESPN are prepared to spout unreferenced sh*t, so I will too” doesn’t mean the original source is reputable.

          2. i.e. which wizard made himself invisible to listen on a private conversation between Bale and Levy? I can’t actually believe you linked to ESPN, who referenced Marcae satisfied with that.
            Complete and utter BS.

          3. Erm, that last comment came out wrong, I’ll write it again:

            i.e. which wizard made himself invisible to listen in on a private conversation between Bale and Levy? I can’t actually believe you linked to ESPN, who in turn referenced Marca (Yes, MARCA) and expected me to be satisfied with that.
            Complete and utter BS.

  2. How can a Spanish newspaper (using the term loosely) have any idea what Gareth Bale said to Levy at a private meeting in London?!

    I agree with Sam Johnson – its just lazy journalism.

  3. Only somebody that lacks talent would attract traffic by posting a totally dishonest headline. I know “it’s merely misleading”. Perhaps Harris might provide a source or substantiation as it must be obvious to him that there are limited sources. Did Bale, Levy or anybody else present state what was said.If so what’s the source? Surely even the wannabe scribbling this article could anticipate this question and quickly respond with some substantion however ridiculous. The lack of shame exhibited by some posters on the internet is breath-taking.

      1. Because ESPN re-posted the garbage then that’s supposed to make it okay for you to do the same? You should be striving to be ‘better’ informed than ESPN.

  4. This is total and utter bull****. The quotes are not Gareth’s. This tapping up of Bale by Real Madrid needs to be addressed by the FA. The club has been despicable this summer, circulating fabricated statements and even saving a Bale Real Madrid shirt. Bale has never once said he wants to leave Spurs or join Madrid. Be prepared to get disappointed.

  5. I just wanted to say, this is a very good site you have, Christopher Harris. I am a refugee from ESPN FC.

    If Bale leaves, I think Clint Dempsey should follow him out the door. It seems like a poorly run club to me.

    1. It used to be an ok site but it’s now WorldGossipTalk with the occasional fanzine-esque article thrown in alongside.

      I’m glad to see it’s not just me who is thinking it either, if the posts above and below are anything to go by. If it’s not Suarez you’re creating headlines with and posting idle gossip about, it’s seemingly Bale. Very, very poor again.

      1. It’s the silly season. Once the transfer window is over, things will go back to normal. Right now, the transfer stories are the big news of the day. Fabregas. Rooney. Suarez. Bale, etc.

      2. To be fair in regards to Suarez, he has openly said that he wants to leave Liverpool and the club have set a valuation for him.

        Tottenham have said Bale is not for sale and the player has only spoken about being at Spurs next season.They are different situations

  6. Somebody may end up in court over these FALSE qoutes . Although I know this article was on another website but it is libelous and a complete fabrication . I think the media as a whole wants it to happen as it sells more papers

  7. Bale was saying today that he is looking forward to firing spurs in to the Champions League, as for Marca, i wouldn’t wipe my backside with it. He’s just signed a three year deal with BT to be the face of the Premier League and talks are ongoing regarding his new contract.

    Its just one story after another each one contradicting the last. All signs point to Bale being at Spurs next season.

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    1. We’ve looked into it and haven’t been able to replicate the issue on a XP running IE8, or any other device. The ad should load within a few seconds if you’re on a broadband connection.

  9. Spuds supporters are some of the classiest in football! All bark and no bite… I bet it hurts to read your star player wants to leave the farm club for a big boy team, huh? Keep denying it and maybe you’ll crack the Champions League.

    1. Funny, Match of the Day magazine, whom Bale actually HAS spoken to, have just published him saying this:

      “We all believe we can get into the Champions League otherwise there’s not point being here.”

      “It’s just a matter of going out there and proving everyone we can.”

      “We did (challenge for the title) a couple of seasons ago so there’s no reason why not.”

      “We’ve definitely got a good enough team to challenge. It just depends on how consistent we can be.”

      “We’re all looking forward to the season, hopefully we can improve on last season – I’m sure with a few more additions to the squad we’ll be a lot better.”

      So yeah, unlucky. We have every right to be sick of all this unsettling BS. Gareth is staying. Quotes that were never actually spoken, which a notoriously BS *Spanish* news sources *claims* to have magically heard don’t mean he isn’t.

      The only ‘big boy team’ next season are the team from White Hart Lane that he’ll be helping to fire in to the Champions League. Again.

      1. There’s no mischief to be made by running an article that says ” BALE FULLY FOCUSED ON SEASON FOR SPURS ”

        We Spurs boys know the truth.

  10. Are spurs fans seriously upset about Madrid allegedly wanting to overpay for a player.

    Bale alone isn’t going to get you to the champions league it’s a team sport and with at least four other top teams competing for the champions league spots they should take the money and get in 3-4 top players to improve the squad.

    1. I don’t think Spur fans would mind an 80 million pound transfer. The problem is, the sources for these stories (and the stories themselves) are highly suspect and most likely are not worth posting on.

      Although I do have a source that stated that in a private meeting between Bale and Levy, Bale said “He would only advertise for Carling. He loves the smooth, refreshing taste of Carling. He doesn’t care about Guinness, only Carling is good enough for him to sponsor.”

    2. Also, the title of this blog’s article makes a bold claim of quoting Bale, when in fact the story itself seems to indicate the only possible source could be Levy.

  11. These commentors gripping over “lazy journalism” and “false quotes” act as if all other transfer rumors from news sites are 100% credible and 100% authentic. With any news story only one person can break a story. Everyone else that follows can be accused of stealing the story but that is stupid. Second, soccer transfer rumors are mostly made up.

  12. Gaffer, I like your site – I do. Please don’t use Marca as a source – this is obviously made up, as multiple legit sources are saying bale is in negotiations to extend his contract today.

    1. The article also mentions that Bale’s agent is in talks with Tottenham to discuss a contract renewal. Hopefully Bale will stay at Spurs.

  13. These are direct quotes from Bale in match of the day magazine and were published yesterday by the daily mail.

    Asked if Spurs can reach the Champions League, Bale told Match of the Day magazine: ‘Definitely. We all believe we can get into the Champions League otherwise there’s not point being here.

    ‘It’s just a matter of going out there and proving everyone we can.’

    We’re all looking forward to the season, hopefully we can improve on last season – I’m sure with a few more additions to the squad we’ll be a lot better.’

    One signing Spurs have already made is Paulinho, a £17million arrival from Corinthians that is exciting his new team-mate.

    Bale said: ‘I saw him in the Confederations Cup and he looked a good strong player. I’m sure he’ll be a great addition to the squad. And he’ll give us a little bit more.’

  14. This so-called paper makes the old National Enquirer look like a paragon of accurate reporting.

    That being said I think the truth is somewhere in between.

  15. This is the second post you’ve done about this totally falsified garbage. Are you really that hard up for page hits?

  16. Why does anyone put any credence in what Marca says? According to them, United signed Thiago, Strootman and like 7 other players. They are as bad as the Sun!!

  17. Someone needs to make a table of crap journo outfits on which points are gained for flat-out fabrication of transfer rumors. You’d get 3 points for being the first to make things up (i.e. Marca here) and one point for utilizing one of the others to publish the made-up report yourself. (i.e. the ESPN use of Marca as a source.)

    Gaffer gets NO POINTS in my opinion (good on him), as he is just linking to what these slimeballs say and is supplying no fresh inventions of his own.

  18. Can the Gaffer explain how NBC Sports Live Extra works ? I just changed my FIOS package in order to see the EPL on NBC Sports Network in HD. But even this pricier package has no NBC Sports Live Extra, on which some games are going to be shown. So what is Live Extra ?

    1. Premier League Extra is the overflow TV channels that will show the games not being televised live on NBC Sports Network, NBC or other networks. For example, typically at 10am ET on a Saturday, there are 5-6 games being played live. TV will show 1-2 of these games live on NBC, but there are 4-5 other games not shown live on TV — unless you have access to Premier League Extra Time.

      More details are at

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