Cesc Fabregas Is Staying at Barcelona, Says New Manager Gerardo Martino

Barcelona presented new manager Gerardo Martino to the media today to replace Tito Vilanova, and one of the first things the new Barca coach did was to set the record straight regarding Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas.

Martino said:

“I’m not going to involve myself in the club’s accounts, but considering the club has already rejected two offers, I would guess it will reject a third. In other words, Fábregas will remain here.”

Barcelona vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu backed up Martino by adding:

“Whatever offer United make, however big, we will say no. Cesc Fábregas will stay a Barcelona player. That United shows interest in Cesc Fábregas is normal. He is a truly great player. It doesn’t annoy us.

“It gives us pride to have such a good player in our team that United want him because they are a great club. But whatever offer arrives from them we are not going to sell Cesc Fábregas. We are counting on him.

“I think Tata Martino was clear that he is counting on him as a player and Andoni Zubizaretta from the first day when we asked him about it saying there was an offer he replied Cesc is not for sale. We are very happy with him.”

With new manager Tata Martino in charge at Barcelona, it appears even more unlikely that Fabregas will be moving to Manchester United. Red Devils chief executive Ed Woodward may want to change tactics and try pursuing a different midfielder instead.

4 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas Is Staying at Barcelona, Says New Manager Gerardo Martino”

  1. That’s what they say until you see big dollar sign sparkling in front of your eyes. Money hungry dinosaurs.

  2. Moyes has shown that he is clearly out of his depth with his pursuit of players. Why Fab we need to buy a 20-23 year old who can be the future of our CM than a 26 year old. Go for Verrati who has said he would love to play for Mufc or Eriksen of Ajax . Moyes is persisting with Young Evra and Wayne rooney who should all be sold after such poor seasons. 3 in a row now for Evra and Young has always been dissapointing. He needs to be clear on Wayne who needs to go and say i dont want him here or i want him to and stop speaking Double Dutch. Selling wayne to Chelsea isnt that bad either. Hes on the decline his work rate is not even there anymore and hes declining physically at a rapid rate and is fat and over weight. Real away was a perfect example of how he lacked the pace to keep upnin the game and many counter attacks broke up due to him and he was at fault for the goal highlighting his lack if effort to close down di maria. His poor touches were constant. He will never be a good CM either he lacks the defensive awareness of a #8 and his passing is like the flip of coin most of the time. His rashness and mental lapses are the norm now. He is not the player he was and has made his second transfer request he needs to go no matter to who. His ability is being over rated by many pundits since they love to bash Utd by making rooney seem like the missing puzzle at Cfc or Afc. In all the time hes played for us we have never been considered a favorite in a tournament because of Wayne.

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