Why a Luis Suarez Transfer Is Best For Arsenal and Liverpool

“If Arsenal want the player, then they have to produce the value for the player,” Brendan Rodgers said. “There was an offer two weeks ago of £35m. Two weeks later it is now £40m and £1 – I don’t think it is anywhere near what he is worth. But it is two-fold, really. A player may want to go but then somebody has to pay the value of that player. It is not something we want to run on too long.”

Rodgers said it best himself: “A player may want to go but then somebody has to pay the value of that player.” So does Luis Suarez want to go? It seems like it. In Melbourne, Suarez cut a dejected figure; uninterested in playing for Liverpool; uninterested in the whole prospect of playing in front of a crowd of 95,000. Even when he set up the goal, he didn’t even crack a smile. It seems he’s already decided to pack up and leave. And if so, here’s why its best for all parties involved.

Why It’s Good For Liverpool:

Getting rid of Suarez would be a good move for Rodgers and Liverpool. Yes they will be losing a player of world-class standards, but the benefits outweigh them. If Arsenal does agree to match their fee they demand, they can re-use it wisely and bring some more quality players to add decent depth to their squad.

Luciano Moggi, the former Juventus General Manager, admitted that the best decision he did was to sell Zidane for a high fee, before purchasing the likes of Buffon, Nedved, and Thuram, which became the backbone of that dominate Juventus team in the early 2000s.

Plus why should Liverpool keep a player that wants to leave? It’s a typical question that most clubs face everyday. If Suarez is to stay around, it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t try to force a move in January or next summer. Keeping him around would drag the transfer saga on, becoming a burden and negatively affecting the dressing room.

Why It’s Good For Arsenal:

Arsene Wenger needs to make a big signing. He really does. The criticism that he’s faced over the last couple of seasons has been building and his fan base is starting to turn against him. No one denies Wenger knows how to spot a young diamond and then turn him into a champion, but it’s time that Wenger actually bit the bullet and bought a player of real stand-out quality that will actually improve the team. The pressure has been cranked up especially after CEO Ivan Gazidis’ comments regarding the Gunners new-found financial power (a transfer kitty of £70million this summer — of which, Arsenal has spent zero pounds thus far).

Suarez won’t be cheap, but he will improve Arsenal. He’s the type of player that the Gunners really need up-front. Walcott is good, but plays on the wing and isn’t suited to playing alone front, while Lukas Podolski blows hot and cold too often and Olivier Giroud is over-rated and makes Arsenal too one-dimensional because he’s just a basic target man.

Suarez though offers the ability to create something from nothing. And score goals. An Arsenal with Suarez would actually be contender, instead of a pretender.

Finally, this will make show Arsenal is still a big club and willing to make a statement of intent. It would help change their feeder perception; as well entice others to look at Arsenal the way they look at Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United and Bayern Munich.

Why It’s Good For Suarez

He wants to leave — whether it’s because of the English media or whether it’s actually because he wants to play in the Champions League — and he’s using the media card as a smokescreen. Regardless, it seems that Suarez doesn’t care if he is going to ruffle some feathers along the way even if he signs with Arsenal. He still gets to play in the Premier League, the Champions League and potentially start with a clean slate at the Emirates.

18 thoughts on “Why a Luis Suarez Transfer Is Best For Arsenal and Liverpool”

  1. Yeah, we’ll sell Suarez and then try to buy all these quality players that won’t come to the club because we are finishing midtable every season and have just sold a best player.

    Then, when we’ve been knocked back by every decent player, we then snap up a fee bargain bin specials who turn out to be s**t, thus cementing our midtable status permanently.

    Meanwhile, Suarez bangs in goals for fun and with Arsenal and are title contenders all season.

    Yeah, genius mate!

  2. I agree with all of this analysis except the harsh “over-rated” critique of Giroud. He is in no way comparable to Suarez, true, but for a 26 year old in his first season in England, 17 goals and 11 assists in 47 apps, is nothing to scoff at. If anything, he’s under-rated by writers, pundits, and gooners

  3. I understand the criticism against Giroud, but who rated him so high that he would be considered “over-rated”? Critics and Supporters need to give him this year to prove his worth to the club.

  4. What I don’t understand is why leave Liverpool for Arsenal? He is, rightfully, angry at the British mob, I mean press.

    Going to Arsenal doesn’t help there at all. Liverpool, on the other hand, have been quite supportive of Suarez. Well until the biting incident in which Liverpool put Suarez in his place for being so stupid. And the fans at Liverpool have been backing Suarez.

    So all this talk about Suarez wanting to leave Liverpool for Arsenal really makes little sense, unless it is solely about Champions League play. I think I just answered my own question.

    1. did the press bite Ivanovic did the press stomp opponents did the press dive in the box.yeah blame the press not the thug that did all the crap.

      1. I stated quite clearly: ” Well until the biting incident in which Liverpool put Suarez in his place for being so stupid.”

        As far as diving, this would be a wonderful example of the press and anti-Liverpool people getting all over Suarez, as if diving isn’t seen all over the EPL. Yes, at times, Suarez attempts to draw a foul are faked. But it is like he is the only player that takes a dive in the EPL. I remember Valencia diving in the box and actually drawing a penalty.

        That is the irony of Suarez’s diving. He rarely ever gets the call because refs know his schtick!

  5. If Suarez goes it’ll be to the continent. He’s complained about the british press for some time. There will be an even bigger spotlight in London (although it is a better place to live than Liverpool).

  6. Y r u badmouthing other players to make Suarez look that good? Granted, he’d improve any team but the other guys deserve a bit more credit than you’re giving them. Who overrated Giroud?

  7. Better restaurants in London for the hungry Uruguayan. He’ll be less inclined to nibble on opposing players during a game.

  8. Pls wenger i wil b very hapy 2 see suarez in arsenal even if liverpool insist den want 2 sold he 4 100m

  9. That Arsene Wenger would FINALLY spend money – and break Arsenal’s previous record fee by £25 million, no less – for a player with this much baggage, who, by the way, can’t play in the first six matches of the season? No thanks. Not to mention that Higuain signed for £34 million, Jovetic for £22 million, etc.

    As an Arsenal fan, I’d rather have no one and £40 million than Suarez.

  10. I hope Arsenal does not sign Suarez. There’s no way I could support a club with an openly racist cheater on it’s roster. I’d have to become a Portland Timbers supporter.

    1. Understandablysuarez has had sum issues here and their but calling him a racist is far too harsh. You would do worse if ur family was insulted by evra who had in time past even insulted AFC as a football club & also got banned from d french team for his bad character. Rooney had a worse record bfor overcoming it, terry had his racial abuse on antoine fedinarnd,& many others but they were never this batered. Why? Cos dey are english? And go spurs if arsenal signs him.

  11. I don’t like the move for Arsenal at all.

    If the rumors are to be believed it’s going to cost in excess of 40 million pounds to get him. With his track record I don’t see any way we get that much value out of him.

    He’s talented, but spends far too much time on suspension. For those stretches when he is eligible he will still be a constant distraction with the media turning every foul or frown into the next big blowup, which make no mistake will come eventually.

    Arsenal, to their benefit and detriment, have been slaves to the balance sheet in the Emirates era. Any player that cost a pound more than he was worth was not bought, any offer for one of our players that was a pound more than he was worth was accepted. It would be painful to see that finally broken for a racist, diving, quite possibly mentally ill distraction with a record price tag.

  12. Sure, Arsenal needs a big name, but not Suarez! If they were going to spend 40+ they should have picked up Higuain when they had the chance. They blew that, so move on to someone else…. but Suarez?? Why would any team want to risk all that money for all the drama that comes with the purchase?!

  13. Suarez is a top 10 talent worldwide. His feet are the quickest in the prem. HE SCORES GOALS. he does it week in and week out. You stand up when he has the ball. His runs are top class and with players like cazorla, wilshere and arteta playing balls into him, he will have no less than 25 goals in the prem next season. That’s with his still 6 games less. Signing him should shut up the arsenal supporters that actually hate arsenal. Which seems to be the majority

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