Why a Luis Suarez Transfer Is Best For Arsenal and Liverpool

“If Arsenal want the player, then they have to produce the value for the player,” Brendan Rodgers said. “There was an offer two weeks ago of £35m. Two weeks later it is now £40m and £1 – I don’t think it is anywhere near what he is worth. But it is two-fold, really. A player may want to go but then somebody has to pay the value of that player. It is not something we want to run on too long.”

Rodgers said it best himself: “A player may want to go but then somebody has to pay the value of that player.” So does Luis Suarez want to go? It seems like it. In Melbourne, Suarez cut a dejected figure; uninterested in playing for Liverpool; uninterested in the whole prospect of playing in front of a crowd of 95,000. Even when he set up the goal, he didn’t even crack a smile. It seems he’s already decided to pack up and leave. And if so, here’s why its best for all parties involved.

Why It’s Good For Liverpool:

Getting rid of Suarez would be a good move for Rodgers and Liverpool. Yes they will be losing a player of world-class standards, but the benefits outweigh them. If Arsenal does agree to match their fee they demand, they can re-use it wisely and bring some more quality players to add decent depth to their squad.

Luciano Moggi, the former Juventus General Manager, admitted that the best decision he did was to sell Zidane for a high fee, before purchasing the likes of Buffon, Nedved, and Thuram, which became the backbone of that dominate Juventus team in the early 2000s.

Plus why should Liverpool keep a player that wants to leave? It’s a typical question that most clubs face everyday. If Suarez is to stay around, it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t try to force a move in January or next summer. Keeping him around would drag the transfer saga on, becoming a burden and negatively affecting the dressing room.

Why It’s Good For Arsenal:

Arsene Wenger needs to make a big signing. He really does. The criticism that he’s faced over the last couple of seasons has been building and his fan base is starting to turn against him. No one denies Wenger knows how to spot a young diamond and then turn him into a champion, but it’s time that Wenger actually bit the bullet and bought a player of real stand-out quality that will actually improve the team. The pressure has been cranked up especially after CEO Ivan Gazidis’ comments regarding the Gunners new-found financial power (a transfer kitty of £70million this summer — of which, Arsenal has spent zero pounds thus far).

Suarez won’t be cheap, but he will improve Arsenal. He’s the type of player that the Gunners really need up-front. Walcott is good, but plays on the wing and isn’t suited to playing alone front, while Lukas Podolski blows hot and cold too often and Olivier Giroud is over-rated and makes Arsenal too one-dimensional because he’s just a basic target man.

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