One Night Ticket to Jerry World’s Gold Cup Soccer Fiesta, Semi-Final Style

It’s not every day that you get a chance to attend two international semifinals on the same night, in the same stadium.  Wednesday evening was a rare soccer spectacular at Cowboys Stadium, aka Jerry World, in Arlington, Texas, just a short drive from where I live in suburban Dallas.  Big time international soccer doesn’t make it to the Dallas area very often, so fans have to jump at the chance when it does. Last night, an eclectic mix of over 81,000 U.S., Honduras, Mexico and Panama fans did just that.

Cowboys Stadium may have been built for American football, but it makes a fantastic soccer venue.  I was there for the first-ever sporting event at Cowboys Stadium in 2009 — a pre-season friendly between Chelsea and Club America.  The crowd and atmosphere were impressive then, but that match pales in comparison to last night’s carnival atmosphere.  I’m not sure the stadium staff were prepared for the deafening chants, drums, whistles, and impromptu dances that filled the vast concourses, creating a constant, echoing din throughout the evening.  After two full consecutive matches, I’m pretty sure I lost some hearing.

American fans were out in decent force for the evening’s first match between the U.S. and Honduras, though Honduran fans also made a respectable showing.  Landon Donovan deservedly received the loudest roars from the crowd every time he appeared on the legendary Texas-sized high-definition screens above the field.  While I’ve seen Donovan play several times for the Galaxy at FC Dallas Stadium over the years, I’ve never seen him play as captivatingly as he did last night.  He is a player fully reinvigorated after his much-publicized (and criticized) soccer sabbatical earlier this year.  If there was any doubt before yesterday about his place on the U.S. team, it is surely gone after his assist (his seventh assist of the Gold Cup tournament) and two goals in the 3-1 U.S. victory.

Donovan had plenty of help, of course.  The U.S. dominated possession with a high-pressing and aggressive attacking style. And their passing has rarely looked sharper.  For a supposed “B” version of the national team, the Americans have dominated their Gold Cup opposition (with the exception of their 1-0 win over Costa Rica in group play).  Head coach Jurgen Klinsmann now has the best kind of squad selection headache on his hands going into the last round of World Cup qualifiers.

I’m not sure if every fan in attendance bought the same kind of match ticket I did (which was good for both semifinals), but for whatever reason, the majority of Mexican fans did not bother watching the U.S./Honduras match.  That meant the stands weren’t quite full for the U.S. game.  But by kickoff time for Mexico/Panama, there was barely a seat left, and Jerry World had turned decidedly green.

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