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Missing Sky Sports News On US TV? Here are 4 Ways To Continue Tuning In

sky sports news Missing Sky Sports News On US TV? Here are 4 Ways To Continue Tuning In

The future of Sky Sports News on US television is still up in the air. According to the latest update from FOX Sports, the decision is still “to be determined.” With the upcoming launch of FOX Soccer Daily scheduled for August 19 on FOX Sports 1, FOX’s daily soccer show will be the priority soccer show on the new channel.

That puts the future of Sky Sports News on US television in grave doubt. Originally, FOX Sports said in May that they planned on showing Sky Sports News in the early morning hours of FOX Sports 1. But after FOX Soccer pulled the plug on June 30 and stopped showing Sky Sports News, FOX said that a decision regarding whether FOX Sports 1 would carry the program (even in the early morning hours) was yet to be decided. Needless to say, there have been many question marks about whether the news program will ever return or not.

The timing of FOX’s decision not to renew their contract with Sky Sports couldn’t be worse. FOX’s first day of no Sky Sports News coverage was July 1, which coincided with the beginning of the transfer window in England — a time of the year when Sky Sports News is even more entertaining and informative than usual.

The transfer window closes on 11pm BST on Monday, September 2, so there’s still time for FOX Sports to correct the error of their ways. But even if they do bring it back, there’s no guarantee that the transfer deadline day would be shown in its entirety.

Instead of waiting for FOX Sports to drop the bomb that they will or won’t carry Sky Sports News on US television again, here are several proactive steps you can take to fill your Sky Sports News fix (in no order of priority):

1. Watch the Sky Sports News Report online. You can watch segments from Sky Sports News online for free via their web page. It’s not live, but it’s a good opportunity to catch up on the major news stories. Note: Their web player can be finicky at times, so be patient and it should play after your second or third try.

2. Watch ‘The Papers Today’ segment. One of the most popular daily segments of Sky Sports News is the daily rundown of the major backpage sports stories from the English newspapers. This is a segment that has been running on FOX Soccer (courtesy of Sky Sports News) since before FOX Soccer began airing Sky Sports News as a program, so it’s built up a loyal following stateside. You can watch it on demand each day.

3. Watch more Sky Sports News video clips. While the Sky Sports News Report segments (see number 1 above) feature many of the segments that the show runs throughout the day, you can watch the news stories via on-demand video (not live) at

4. Listen to Sky Sports News via radio. The popular Tunein app, that allows you to listen to great radio stations and podcasts via the web or mobile devices (including the EPL Talk Podcast), features a live radio feed of Sky Sports News Radio. While the broadcast is different than Sky Sports News on television and uses different news readers, a lot of the major breaking stories you’ll see on TV are covered on the radio. Listen now via Tunein.

Last, but not least, there are always online pirated streams that broadcast Sky Sports News live via your computer, but we don’t recommend or advocate them.

If you enjoy watching Sky Sports News and you’d like to see it continue to be aired on FOX Soccer (and FOX Sports 1, as of August 17), your best bet is to let FOX Soccer know via their contact form at

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11 Responses to Missing Sky Sports News On US TV? Here are 4 Ways To Continue Tuning In

  1. Brad says:

    I’ve been watching the Sky Sports News Report off of apple for quite awhile now but I do miss tuning in to watch the show.

  2. edofcourse says:

    Thanks for the tips. In this age, there seems to be ways around the inconveniences. It might mean a bothersome change, but there are alternatives.

  3. brn442 says:


    Is there a reason that every time I try to read an article, it disappears, only to be replaced by an unprompted Chevy ad?

  4. Smokey Bacon says:

    If only NBC would add Sky Sports News to their shoulder programming, that would be perfect! All this messing around trying to find the odd clip on line doesn’t work for me. I’m old school. I just want to wake up, flip on the TV and watch the paper review while I have my full English breakfast. And it always a bonus if Charlie Webster is on too.

  5. sucka99 says:

    Thanks for this

  6. Mufc77 says:

    I stopped watching it when they ended the 7pm broadcast.

    Now I just get all my general football info from the daily and nightly roundup here on WST.

  7. dominjon says:

    Roku has just added Sky News streaming channel. Not the same as Sky Sports News obviously, but I thought that might be of interest to some expats.

  8. jennifer says:

    Any of you listen to SSN radio? We listened via Tunein, which we use regularly, and a few days ago SSN radio stopped connecting. This is on 2 phones and a tablet but all other Tunein faves are fine. We’ve tried streaming from the Sky site and that buffers. Any one have similar issues or a better way to connect?

  9. Andy says:

    I watch Skys Sports news live in the USA via

    Just ignore the “upgrade” pop-ups and click on the red X to make the pop-ups go away, then watch all day if you want.

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