Tottenham Miss Out On Roberto Soldado After Valencia Demand £25million: Daily Soccer Report

Tottenham Hotspur may miss out on signing Valencia striker Roberto Soldado if they’re unwilling to increase their bid for the Spanish footballer.

According to reports in Spanish media, Tottenham Hotspur offered £22million for the 28-year-old striker, but Valencia are demanding £25million. The transfer talks appear to be at a stalemate unless Spurs are willing to offer more.

Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas has already confirmed that the club is trying to sign Soldado. But after missing out on signing Christian Benteke, what would you do if you were Spurs chairman Daniel Levy? Would you pay the extra £3million to get the player and finally find a striker that Tottenham supporters have been clamoring for throughout the 2012-13 season? Have your say in the comments section below.

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10 thoughts on “Tottenham Miss Out On Roberto Soldado After Valencia Demand £25million: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. Levy has ruined our last 2 attempts at CL football by failing to sign a quality striker in the January windows. Both times we lost out by the smallest margin which would not have been the case had we got the quality up front.

    It’s time for this nickel & dime stuff to stop – we need to sign a big name striker now or be left behind again. What if Arsenal get Suarez or Higuain and we are left with no big signing ? Trouble !

  2. Squabbling over £3 million and walking away with nothing when ready to pay £22million is nuts. This guy could get us champions league football and that £3 million would seem incidental. Or save the £3 million and be in Europa league….again.

  3. Get Edin Dzeko…he wants to play. He doesn’t want to sit on a bench. We can offer him what he wants and he can become our new Berbatov.
    Why we didn’t pick him up for $5m last year I have no idea. Imagine having Berba and Dzeko getting us Champions League then you can sign the replacement for Berbatov. Continuity is a wonderful thing.
    I still say sign both of them.
    Ade goes out and Defoe comes off the bench when a change is needed.
    Think about it Dzeko starts, he may stay on and then Berba walks on with all his touches and great vision.
    This would almost be a 442 from a 433 we would have two big threats up front and speed to burn out wide to provide or in Bales case to score as well.

  4. It’s worth the £3m which we would get back 10 fold if …. sorry meant to say when ….. we qualify for CL next season.

  5. 3 Million was the difference between us getting Damiao in the winter window. Levy please do not let 3 Million get in the way again. Lets learn from the last couple years of mistakes. We need a world class striker and he will play brilliantly b/c he wants to start on Spain’s WC team this year. Please pay up or offer someone in exchange.

  6. More like Valencia missing out. Nobody is going to offer them the amount of money TOttenham was willing to give them for Soldado.

  7. I love all the Spurs fans saying “it’s only 3MM more, just pay it”! Daniel Levy is going to pay what he thinks the player is worth and no more. He is a tough negotiator because he is willing to walk away from a player he really wants if he can’t get the price he wants and the other teams know this. Why do you think these teams keep leaking details of the negotiations to the media? It is because they think if they get the fans angry enough they can pressure Levy into paying ‘only 3MM more’. Aston Villa did it and now Valencia is doing the exact same thing.

    It is possible that Levy may be willing to pay more and was just trying to get a lower price. But if he has already made his top offer and it was rejected, then he is done and no amount of whining from fans is going to change that.

    Reality is that Spurs are not a bottomless pit of money like some teams. We can’t afford to constantly spend ‘only 3MM more’ because if we do that and don’t make CL then we will become the next Leeds. Remember them? Spurs fans should be grateful that we have a chairman who is not going to let that happen.

  8. The deal is not dead, the Valencia president has comf out and said they will look at the offer again tomorrow as they realize the way it is structured the buyout clause is met.

    This is all part of it, £25m for a 28 yr old is a lot and the cash strapped Valencia board know that….I would not be surprised to see this still happen. Everyone so quick to blame levy with having any clue whatsoever as to how or why the decisions are made.

    Ridiculous…Chadli and Paulinho are great signings, as well as unexpected, if we get Soldado great if not we will get someone else, Baldini AVB and levy all know what they are doing…


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