RCN Adds Access to NBC Sports Live Extra; Great News For EPL Fans

Great news for RCN customers. The cable TV company, who offers service in the northeastern United States and Chicago, has now added access to NBC Sports Live Extra, the TV Anywhere app from NBC Sports that allows sports fans to watch live games on the web, smart phone and tabloid devices.

RCN joins the growing list of DISH Network, AT&T U-verse, xFinity Comcast and many other providers who will allow their subscribers who get NBC Sports Network in their TV package to access via an authenticated login 100% of Premier League matches online (and on mobile devices and tablets) beginning with the 2013-14 Premier League season that kicks off on August 17.

RCN customers can access NBC Sports Live Extra via the web or smartphone and tablet devices.

If you’re a Time Warner or Brighthouse customer, find out what you need to do to urge your TV provider to add access so you don’t miss out.

In the meantime, here’s everything you need to know about NBC’s coverage of the Premier League.

23 thoughts on “RCN Adds Access to NBC Sports Live Extra; Great News For EPL Fans”

  1. Scenario:

    My father-in-law is a Comcast subscriber.

    So, will I be able to use his log-in and password to access every game via an iPad?

    Also, will replays of missed matches be available with the service?

    1. Yup…still waiting.
      If not i will be forced to switch to Uverse. the only other ISP provider in my area.

    2. Don’t count on Cox, I have had several conversations with them and they have flat out told me they have no planns to add it.

  2. What’s the word on Directv? I’ve heard some rumors saying they’ll be onboard by the end of this week? Gaffer, have you heard anything concrete?

      1. You would think with the season a little more than 3 weeks away these TV providers would want to get on board soon so they have time to market themselves. Directv could have time to pull some subscribers if they are on board for the full package (extra time, etc…) and they are able to promote it. I bet a lot of people would get anxious and jump ship. Just a thought.

        1. Count me as one of the ship jumpers. After numerous calls and emails, I have promised Directv that I’ll go back to dish or some other provider here in Tampa.

    1. Just found this buried on the directv programming FAQ:

      DIRECTV is excited to announce we will be carrying Barclay’s English Premier League (EPL) soccer matches for the 2013-14 season…close to 380 EPL games in all. Matches begin on August 17th through the conclusion in May of 2014. Approximately half of the matches can be found on various NBC channels including your local NBC station, the NBC Sports Network, USA Network, CNBC, Telemundo and Mun2. More than 180 matches not airing on the NBC suite of channels can be found in Premier League Extra Time, a free package of EPL matches available to DIRECTV customers with CHOICE XTRA package and above. The Premier League Extra Time channel range has yet to be announced and will be available in HD only.

      Additional information, including a schedule of games, channel locations and other information for the EPL on DIRECTV will be available in early August.


      1. Great find, fella. Will be switching from twc to directv if this is true. They even said the extra games will all be in hd.

      2. Omg thanks so much for finding this I am mad hype that they said in plural that they were HD channels. I do not mind much missing on the app if we can get extra time. I wonder what they mean by close to 380 games though, hopefully this does not mean we will miss some kickoff sunday matches.

  3. Just finished using the online chat service from Time Warner Cable and a friendly man named Jamaal informed me that they have plans to add NBC Sports Live Extra soon and it will be available by August 17th. Whether or not he was lying is another thing.

  4. Both Sam and the Gaffer say they’ve heard rumours that DirecTV might be onboard by the end of this week. Can they shed any more light on where they heard such rumours, please?

    It would appear that DT might be missing a trick here with Dish already signed up.

    1. IF you call DIRECTV they may tell you (depending on their knowledge level) that an announcement is coming by the end of the week.
      A few commenters on this site have verified such.

  5. I’m predicting all companies will be on board. Companies always negotiate up until the last minute then make the deal. The EPL is becoming too popular for a cable/sat provider not to carry it. Be patient my fellow footy fans.

    1. You may be correct. Time Warner and Brighthouse seems to be the ones that are least likely to agree a deal, however.

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