Luis Suarez Transfer Saga: Arsenal Bid £40m Plus £1 to Activate Clause to Enter Talks

Arsenal have triggered a clause in Luis Suarez’s contract to enter transfer talks with the striker after bidding £40million plus £1 for the footballer, according to The Guardian newspaper.

Under the terms of Suarez’s contract with Liverpool, the club must alert Suarez if any club bids above £40million for the player. And now that Arsenal have triggered the bid to enter talks, it’s now up to Luis Suarez to decide whether he wants to talk to the North London club or not.

Suarez has spoken about his dislike of the British media and the Football Association as the root of his disillusionment, so it’ll be interesting to see what Suarez’s next move is.

Even if Suarez enters talks with Arsenal, there’s no guarantee that Liverpool will accept a bid of £40,000,001 for Suarez. Indications are that they value the player at £50million or greater.

All summer long, soccer fans and journalists have been waiting for a statement of intent from Arsenal. And this is a massive one from them. With an improved side as they have now, the missing pieces they need are a reliable back-up to Jack Wilshere and a clinical striker. With Suarez, they would be one giant step closer to greater success.

What do you think? If you’re an Arsenal supporter, would you want Luis Suarez playing at your club? And no matter who you support, would you sign for Arsenal if you were Suarez? Have your say in the comments section below.

39 thoughts on “Luis Suarez Transfer Saga: Arsenal Bid £40m Plus £1 to Activate Clause to Enter Talks”

  1. Has Suarez’ agent explained to Luis that Arsenal is in England?…home of the British media which has vilified him so badly?

    …maybe it’s best he doesn’t know.

  2. We need a quality signing! Suarez is just that. We need to get back in the race of signing the big names if our ambition is to win the champions league one day. Wenger just go ahead with this signing it will be great from two perspectives, not only the one I mentioned but also from the perspective that Suarez is a world class player that can make the difference!

    1. All you Arsenal fans who suddenly really love Luis Suarez(!) do realise that he wants to move in order to have a proper chance at winning things, right? If he goes anywhere, it’ll be to Madrid!

  3. My feelings about Suarez are a bit out of the mainstream, it seems. I personally think he has no business in professional football with his previous on-field conduct, and I will actively root against any club that lacks the self respect to sign him, no matter how good of a striker he is(and he is an excellent striker, no doubt).

    But as a Spurs fan, this just seems too perfect for me. A hated rival signing the one and only professional athlete I have a real problem with. I’d like to see him never don another jersey again, but if he must, make it Arsenal, so that I may concentrate my disdain into one place.

  4. The bid has already been rejected! The clause doesn’t entitle Suarez to enter talks with Arsenal – it’s a pointless clause that just entitles him to be officially informed of the bid and the club must ‘consider’ the offer. Well it’s been considered and it’s been rejected.

    Everybody thinking we had to sell at £40m have now been proved wrong.

      1. No he can’t. He can’t speak to another club without the green light from his parent club that he’s under contract with – and the club aren’t giving the green light. He is not for sale and that’s the bottom line. If somebody wants to change that stance, put some silly money on the table and it might be listened to and he’ll be allowed to speak to them.

        BTW – unusually poor journalism from The Guardian in that piece.

        1. Paul, who’s your source that says that Suarez is not allowed to speak to another club if the clause is triggered but the club rejects the bid?

          If what you say is true, then Suarez is trapped. I don’t see Real Madrid or Arsenal putting up silly money. £40million is a fair price for Suarez.

          1. I’m not sure it matters if Suarez can enter talks with them if Liverpool have the ability to reject it anyway? It’s really no different than if he is not allowed to talk to them, is it not?

          2. The Liverpool echo, the BBC, The Times, The Telegraph all agree all the clause does is mean the club has to officially inform the player and his agent.
            Suarez’s move at this point, if he wanted the move would be to indicate to the club he wanted to talk to Arsenal and when that was refused put in a transfer request.
            He won’t, he’ll hold out for Madrid and if that doesn’t happen my guess is commit himself to Liverpool, sign a new contract, only this time with an actual release clause, one that only applies from summer 14 onwards and only applies to non English clubs.

  5. Arsenal should sign him wit any amount of money because the player has respect but the frustration and pattern of liverpool change his character on the field of play and if suarez sign for arsenal all the british jounarlist and england FA will see the good thing of suarez in a good form… Suarez should make the move?

  6. Sentiment apart, Suarez is the answer. Ni matter what insinuation you have, I don’t care as much as its Arsene Wenger that will manage Luis Suarez, you will see a well behaved version of Suarez in Red & White. There & then month more regret for loosing RVP to Man U. Prof go ahead and sign LUIS SUAREZ.

      1. Higuain v Suarez last two seasons:
        Goals 38 – 34
        Mins/goal 91 – 162
        Conversion 38% – 14%
        Assists 12 – 8
        Mins/assist 288 – 689
        Mins played 3451 – 5511

        Players with better chance conversion (2012-2013) than Suarez @ 16%:
        Podolski 33%
        Benteke 26%
        Walcott 23%
        Lukaku 22%
        Michu 20%
        Lambert 19%
        Sturridge 19%
        Dzeko 18%
        Holt 17%

        1. Gaffer,
          the stats also don’t show how he is an incredible ball hog and forces his teammates to give him the ball at every opportunity, making Liverpool the past 2 years an ineffective 1 man team. anyone else find it interesting that Liverpool actually became a better overall team once Suarez was suspended last season?

          I also find it a bit interesting that whoscored and opta have different stats…

          1. Bottom line is that he scores goals, which is why clubs like Arsenal and Real Madrid are interested in paying £40million+ for his services.

      2. This ignores one small detail, a bunch of these “wasted” chances come from out of nowhere and wouldn’t have even been chances with other players.

  7. Perhaps Wenger has forgotten that the Urugyuan striker is a head case, who has yet to serve his entire FA ban.

    However, just the ambition itself is what Arsenal fans have been waiting for, for years.

  8. Would be a great acquisition for Arsenal. I am a Manchester City fan and I would take him on any day of the week. He is a class player and I jusy hope he doesn’t leave the English Premier League. One of the top players (should never have received his long ban for bitting the arm of a player that was holding him — should have banned the opposing defender, who was ‘doing the dirty’ on him).

    1. Worst post ever.

      Branislov should be banned for “holding” Suarez?

      Come on, bro.

      You’re breaking balls, right?


      A player “held” Suarez and the dude BIT another grown man on the arm.

      If that doesn’t deserve a long ban, then nothing does. Players should be able to kick babies and light old ladies hair on fire if they look at them wrong, or clap during an inappropriate moment.

      Come on, Colin.

      Your post gave me douche chills of the highest order.

      Branislov should be banned… Hehe lololol

      Cool story, bro.

    1. And you’ll also note that there’s not a single quote from Suarez or the club. Lazy journalism that’s no better than the likes of

      I would have thought better of you too, than seeing you post nothing more than idle gossip.

      1. Paul, that’s a ridiculous thing to say. The source I attributed the story to was The Guardian, which is one if the more trustworthy papers.

        1. The only ridiculous thing is you posting tittle tattle instead of informed fact by way of direct quotes etc.

          The BBC link above – can you point me to any quotes giving basis to the story? Can you point me to any quotes in the Guardian article for that matter?

          I don’t care what sort of reputation either the Guardian or the BBC have got – both parties have let their usual standards slip by posting gossip over fact and you’ve fallen for it by following suit.

          1. Paul, you’re off base on this one. Sorry. Liverpool confirmed to the media that the club had received and rejected a bid from Arsenal for Suarez. Just because there’s no direct quote regarding that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Most clubs don’t give direct quotes to the press regarding transfer dealings until the deal has been made.

            At the same time, it’s a double-edge sword. Can you point me to any quotes giving basis to your argument that Suarez is not allowed to talk to Arsenal?

            There’s a ton of transfer gossip out there, but I believe the Suarez story is true.

          2. And I think you’re completely off base. Sorry. Who’s disputing the fact that Liverpool received and rejected a bid? I didn’t dispute that if you’d like to read over my comments again. The leaks regarding the Arsenal offers are coming from LFC direct as a statement of intent to a) show he’s not for sale and b) to ram the fact home that if they ARE going to part with him it’s going to take a lot more than £40m to do it.

            Very poor argument and justification for using gossip from you but clearly you’ll disagree so we’ll agree to disagree from here on in.

  9. Looks like Arsenal and Liverpool are at odds in terms of their reading of Suarez’s contract. Arsenal believes that they have the right to talk to Suarez after a clause was triggered with a bid of more than £40million, while Liverpool have rejected the bid and don’t believe that Arsenal are allowed to speak with him.

    It should be interesting to see how this story develops.

  10. suarez when in liferpol greatly contribute to liferpol. I guess if later suarez is in the arsenal then arsenal will be phenomenal and able to reach the English League Cup …

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