World Soccer Talk Launches New Browser Experience for iPad, iPhone, Nexus 7 & Kindle Fire Devices

World Soccer Talk has launched a brand-new browser experience for readers who view the site on an iPad, iPhone, Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire device.

Now, when you go to on any of those devices, you’ll be presented with the same great content but in a completely different experience that is easier to read and interact with.

Deep at the heart of the new World Soccer Talk browser experience on mobile devices is the swipe, where you can swipe side to side or up and down for a new and better reading experience. You no longer have to pinch and expand to be able to see and read the soccer content.

Also new to the World Soccer Talk browser experience on mobile devices is the table of contents, which presents the latest articles in a visual navigation hierarchy, allowing you to scroll through to decide which stories you’d like to read.

When you view World Soccer Talk on the mobile devices listed, it’s a far more leisurely experience where you can sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and view the site more in a magazine format.

With each of the mobile browser experiences, you should see a button that says ‘Desktop Version,’ so if you ever want to switch to the desktop experience, you have that option.

As far as reader feedback so far on the new mobile browser experience, the only criticism I’ve heard is that the comments aren’t threaded into the stories. There are two options with that. One, you can click on the ‘Desktop Version’ button to read and post comments. Or two, there’s a text bubble icon (for comments) that you can press that will open up the story in a new browser window where you can read and post comments there.

If you have an iPad, iPhone, Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire device, be sure to visit on the built-in browser to see how World Soccer Talk looks and feels there when you read the articles.

Thanks everyone for your support. I hope you’ll enjoy the mobile experience.

8 thoughts on “World Soccer Talk Launches New Browser Experience for iPad, iPhone, Nexus 7 & Kindle Fire Devices”

  1. Interested to see how this works out and what type of feedback you receive.

    I miss the swipe feature that WordPress used to use, but I’ve read some negative things about Onswipe, so I’ve held off on installing the plugin. With all the site traffic that comes through here it will be interesting to see how it ends up working out for you.

    1. Thanks Tom for the feedback. For the mobile browsing experience, there shouldn’t be any plug-in that’s needed. The browsing experience is completely seamless.

  2. Getting rid of the awful video in the top right would be nice. It’s really irritating but some reason is popular with football sites these days.

  3. Gaffer,

    I’m digging the new mobile site! Will the comments section always go to the desktop version, or are you considering how Bleacher does theirs, in more of a pop-up window style?

    Either way, more power to ya!

    I like the multiple square options… Makes the site feel more “hip” if you will – like a big living room in a house that you finally got the right furniture for, and finally had the chance to arrange perfectly.

    Unrelated Question:

    No biggie, but no mention about Bayern v. Barca this Wednesday on GolTV? For me that’s the “meaningless” (ha) friendly match of the summer.

    For some reason, I think that this friendly is going to be anything but once the whistle blows.


    Excited to get used to this new mobile feel to the site!


  4. Not a fan at all of the new “experience”… Disjointed, clumsy, everything served at once with no customization ie..BPL only stories, no menu choices, just the stories for everything… Only the pic and headline with no story preview to aid decision of click or not. Page layout in landscape for a story is deliberately misleading with a narrow that takes you to advertising instead of the next page of the story… I could go on…and on… A real shame the iPhone /smaller device CSS felt good initially but with more use, it’s not…oh well.. At least the desktop version is available and consistent enough still.

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