Manchester United Confirm Second Bid For Cesc Fabregas

Manchester United manager David Moyes has confirmed that the club has made a second bid to try to sign Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona.

A reported £25million bid for the 26-year-old midfielder was made last week. And on Saturday, we reported that Manchester United had put in a £30million bid for Fabregas plus add-ons.

Today, Moyes offered more information regarding the second bid and how Manchester United chief executive Ed Woodward is working the deal:

“As I understand it, Ed had a response. We have made a second offer but Ed is dealing with it rather than me.

“I think a point does come. But when you are interested in good players you want to give it every opportunity to materialize. I will hope things will continue to move forward.

“At this moment I can only tell you Ed Woodward is working hard to try to make the deals happen. We hope some of them will fall into place shortly.”

United continue to chase the player despite repeated statements from Barcelona that the player is not for sale and is not interested in leaving.

14 thoughts on “Manchester United Confirm Second Bid For Cesc Fabregas”

  1. I still think United needs more steel in the midfield but Fabregas is never a bad signing.

    25 million is a lot but Cesc knows England and he knows that Marshalling the midfield at Old Trafford, as opposed to warming the bench at the Nou Camp, next few months, will help his World Cup prospects exponentially .

    I can see this happening.

    1. I don’t get these comments of Fabregas warming the bench at Barca since the Arsenal transfer as he has 29 goals and 32 assists in 60 La Liga appearances over the last 2 seasons.

  2. Just so you know, he has 83 appearances for the Spanish national team. He started the final in Euro 2012 and assisted a goal. He had a significant role in this year’s Confederations Cup squad.

    So his World Cup prospects have no bearing in this.

    United must know something that everyone else doesn’t. Because in every statement Fabregas professes how much he love being back in Spain and playing for Barcelona.

    I don’t see he coming back to England after he made such a fuss in order to leave England.

  3. Didn’t he tweet that he’ll never play in England for anyone other than Arsenal? I believe he took the tweet down shortly thereafter.

  4. Prospect of being the central figure in Manchester United’s midfield playing behind his pal RVP must be luring to Fabregas. After all, the arrival of Neymar at Barcelona drops his pecking order even further down the list if not already there.

    He is making the most of his time, but still with that amount of talent burning inside of him, playing second fiddle to Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta, when you are on the prime of your career, must be sickening to Fabregas.

    I am sure he is torn. He can’t decide. He wants to play every week, but his talent level is a notch below (just “a” notch below) Barcelona’s talented midfield squad so he will have a hard time getting la liga or champions league game. He can absolutely play in the other pointless cups. Is this what he wants?

  5. What Barca say in public and what they say behind closed doors are two completely different things. They must have give Utd some encouragement that a deal could be reached or Woodward wouldn’t have bothered flying to Spain.

    1. I definitely can’t argue against that.

      If this doesn’t work out and United don’t sign someone, the public is going to scream for Woodward’s head.

  6. Rooney can’t be too excited about this prospect. If United are successful in securing Fabregas then I have to think that United would be MORE than willing to sell off Shrek to any team. Fabregas and RVP would see Rooney spend most of his time next season on the bench.

  7. From a pure quality of player perspective, I think it would be great to have Cesc back in the BPL, and if at UTD then thats fine, i dont think he solves their holding midfield or defensiv issues at all . Plus it will just annoy all farsenal fans…watching the meltdown on here and twitter is hilarious.

  8. I keep on thinking whether this bid is actually just a smokescreen to divert attention from other real targets.

    1. I thought that too. But Moyes is like SAF, he doesn’t comment on a transfer until he’s in United’s crosshairs.

      If you remember what happened a few weeks back with Tiago, when a reported finally asked Moyes about him, he basically said that United never put a bid in for him. Even though the media were throwing around numbers (Barcelona also said that there was never a bid).

      Moyes is actually confirming this bid. So it looks like it’s legit.

      I just don’t understand why Fabregas would fight so hard to leave England only to return a year or so later.

      From listening to interviews and new pieces of him, he seems like a “mama’s boy”. He just wanted to be back home in Spain close to his family.

  9. If he goes to united or he doesn’t its going to be hilarious either way. If he doesn’t then its massively humiliating for united after going public and if he does Arsenal fans are going to be pissed!

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