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Hosts Named for ‘ESPN FC’ Daily Soccer Show to Air On ESPN2

 Hosts Named for ESPN FC Daily Soccer Show to Air On ESPN2

ESPN FC, the new daily soccer show from ESPN that will debut on August 11, will feature Max Bretos and Dan Thomas as the hosts of the show, according to Sports Illustrated.

After a career at Real Madrid TV, Thomas moved to ESPN in 2010 and has been a regular host of Press Pass, as well as a commentator for many soccer matches aired on ESPN.

Bretos also joined ESPN in 2010 after a career at FOX Soccer where he was a presenter and commentator from 1999 to 2010.

Joining Bretos and Thomas will be five pundits yet to be named. If I had to guess who they were, I’d say it’d be Paul Mariner, Alexi Lalas, Taylor Twellman, Steve Nicol and Janusz Michallik. The pundits will be officially named later this week.

In the Sports Illustrated news item, ESPN producer Steve Palese, shared more insight regarding the ESPN FC daily show:

“Editorially, the show will be an extension of The Sunday show will be more highlight driven, but every day, ESPN FC will offer analysis, discussion and reporting on the top stories in the sport. The show will have a global feel while also offering extensive coverage of the U.S. national team and MLS.

“The quality and variety of talent available and the variety of topics that will be covered on a daily basis will make the show informative and enjoyable to soccer fans in the United States. One of the great things about ESPN FC is that if we run out of time on a particular topic, we can always continue the conversation on after the show. The reverse will also be true. If there is an article or video analysis piece that is creating a lot of discussion from fans on the site, we will carry that discussion over to the show.”

Here are more details regarding ESPN’s daily new soccer show, ESPN FC.

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18 Responses to Hosts Named for ‘ESPN FC’ Daily Soccer Show to Air On ESPN2

  1. Evan Wofford says:

    I still have high hopes for this show despite the choice of Max Bretos. He’s always pretty obnoxiously tried to be a Sportcenter-type-of-host (even back on Fox Soccer), and it just doesn’t work for him.

  2. Paul says:

    Alexi Lalas and Taylor Twellman should be kept far far far away from that show.

  3. Flyvanescence says:

    Twellman and Lalas?

    why do they keep shoving these 2 clowns down our throat?

  4. sucka99 says:

    Always gonna be B level talent since ESPN has less and less TV rights here and in the UK. Do they even have a presence in the UK anymore?

  5. DiscoBallsDeep says:

    Dan Thomas is an excellent host for ESPN FC Pod (not press pass).

    I hope that James Horncastle, Raphael Honigsteien, and Gab Marcotti are a regular part of the show.

  6. Guy says:

    This show will get one shot to reach me, so it had better be good.

  7. sucka99 says:

    Hope they have Said Lowe

  8. Smokey Bacon says:

    They lost me at Max Bretos.

  9. Huw Roma says:

    Remember when that ponce Bretos was with WWE briefly?

  10. Gillian Rosh says:

    If Janusz Michallik is sticking around, I’ll be happy. Maybe not enough to excuse the presence of Lalas, but still…

  11. goatslookshifty says:

    “Who needs Martin Tyler and Andy Gray?”
    ESPN does.

  12. Danny says:

    No Todd Grisham?

    • Casey G says:

      or Jonathan Coachman, they can do a WWE reunion and cut promos for upcoming fixtures, and ill be more entertained with that than seeing/hearing alexi lalas awful face and annoying voice.

  13. He's Livid says:

    Max deserves this gig, he’s a pro and knows his stuff. I really hope they bring back Steve Nicol, I like his glib and honest approach. What’s to be of Robbie Earl? Lalas is not a good fit here as his international knowledge is lacking. Twellman = good guy, bad broadcaster.

  14. David says:

    The only thing worse than having Lalas and Bretos shouting at us while Twellman sends us to sleep, would be for ESPN to poach Gus Johnson. Then they’d ensure that nobody watches and we wouldn’t have to suffer Gus on Champions League matches. I’d hoped that such amateurs had been banished when Fox lost the EPL rights, but…….. What are ESPN thinking?

    Good to see some of the Press Pass guys being retained – no mention of Tommy Smyth – good – another loud-mouthed, opinionated bully whose been at ESPN since 1993.

  15. Bob h. says:

    Max Bretos? Alexi Lalas? Taylor Twellman? All these guys are awful. I was so glad when Bretos left Fox Soccer. I doubt that I’ll watch ESPN. Just knowing these three will be on the air is more than I can stomach!

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