Arsenal Are On Verge of £21million Deal For Bernard: Daily Soccer Report

Arsenal are on the verge of a £21million deal to sign Brazilian striker Bernard, according to L’Equipe. However, Gunners manager Arsene Wenger says that the report in the French newspaper is not true.

L’Equipe said that Bernard will be in London on Friday for a medical. However, is Wenger being coy, or is the transfer story a complete fabrication? Wenger said that the report that Arsenal had signed Bernard was not true. But that doesn’t mean that Arsenal are not trying to sign the Brazilian youngster.

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2 thoughts on “Arsenal Are On Verge of £21million Deal For Bernard: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. L’Equipe is marginally more credible than the homeless guy I saw huffing glue out of a paper bag in downtown Dallas today.

    Total joke of an organization. All the Ibra to City rumors originated in L’Equipe and the story in original French literally read something along the lines of “well, City only has two strikers. PSG just signed Cavani. So City most certainly must be interested in Ibra.”

    So of course the Fail and Mirror and the rest cite L’Equipe but expand the hell out of the thing and make it seem much more substantial. I halfway wonder if these UK journos just can’t read French and use google translate and that makes the report seem more substantial….. Uh, no. Just the usual disreputable crap for pageview click-bait.

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