Stoke City Offers Its Supporters Free Travel to All Away Matches

Stoke City are offering its supporters free travel to all away Premier League matches for the 2013-14 season.

The Potters believe they’re the first club to offer the service in all four divisions of English football. The free bus service to away matches follows through on “the increase in their income delivered by the new TV deals, in a bid to try and ease the financial burden on fans who follow City on their travels.”

While it’s easy for opposing fans to make jokes about Stoke City or their style of football, Stoke should be commended for making this decision and being a trailblazer in the Premier League. Hopefully more clubs can follow Stoke’s lead in these tough economic times especially when clubs this season will be receiving significant increases in money from TV revenue.

Chief Executive Tony Scholes said:

“As a Club we are conscious that following football can be an expensive business, especially at a time when so many people are feeling the squeeze financially.

“We work hard to try and provide our supporters with value for money which is why we have not increased our ticket prices since being promoted to the Premier League in 2008.

“However, we realise how expensive following the Club away from home can be for supporters and we’re delighted to be able to offer free coach travel and hope it encourages more of them to give us their fantastic backing away from home.”


8 thoughts on “Stoke City Offers Its Supporters Free Travel to All Away Matches”

    1. Reckon that should soften the blow for Mrs Guy when you make the pilgrimage, “dunna worry love, they’re paying for the travel”;-)

      Fantastic gesture from the club and will definitely encourage me to take in a few away games next season.

      I suppose it’s tough for people like Smokey who have to travel all the way up to Manchester once a season from Essex just for a home match.

      Our position in the country makes this more viable then most clubs but there’s no reason why Villa, West Brom or the Manchester clubs couldn’t follow suit.

  1. There will be plenty of room on that bus after Hughes works his magic. They will switch to a minivan by November.

  2. That’s a nice touch. Is it really that expensive to travel to an away game in England? I mean, I know the tickets are expensive, but isn’t this just saving some gas money or whatnot?

    Still, it would probably be nice to ride to/from with a bunch of fellow fans.

    Do they serve drinks on the way to the game?

    1. I’d say it averages between £20-30 a coach ticket Dean so it could add up for the club. If it costs me £62 just to get into Arsenal as an away fan now that’s £32 for example.

      Publicans in and around football grounds in this country are going to benefit most.

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