Premier League Blasts Sepp Blatter Proposal to Have 2022 World Cup in Qatar Played in Winter: Daily Soccer Report

The Premier League have blasted Sepp Blatter’s proposal to move to 2022 World Cup from the summer to the winter, calling it “neither workable nor desirable.”

FIFA announced today that they plan on discussing whether to move the 2022 World Cup during their October FIFA Executive Committee meetings.

But the Premier League has come out quickly today to say that their position is unchanged. And fair play to them. Why should the Premier League or any other league in the world disrupt their business because FIFA made the inane decision to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar where the tournament would be held in the summer? Why should the Premier League bow down to FIFA based on FIFA’s poor decision-making and due diligence? If FIFA is serious about not playing the tournament in the summer of 2022 in the desert of Qatar, perhaps FIFA – as ridiculous as it sounds – should move the tournament to a country where the temperatures are more favorable?

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is an explosive topic because something has to change. If the tournament is played in the summer of 2022, the temperatures are going to be so hot that the level of soccer played would be poor. If FIFA wants to move the tournament to the winter of 2022, that’ll clash with the Winter Olympic Games, which will hurt TV ratings for both tournaments. And if they move the tournament to another country altogether, then Qatar will be incensed.

There is no perfect compromise for the World Cup 2022 The only way of not making it a disaster is by moving it to the winter, but I’m not convinced there’s much the Premier League could do to stop it.

Unfortunately, it’s yet another instance of FIFA being a corrupt and inefficient soccer body that is tarnishing the image of the beautiful game around the world.

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