Premier League Blasts Sepp Blatter Proposal to Have 2022 World Cup in Qatar Played in Winter: Daily Soccer Report

The Premier League have blasted Sepp Blatter’s proposal to move to 2022 World Cup from the summer to the winter, calling it “neither workable nor desirable.”

FIFA announced today that they plan on discussing whether to move the 2022 World Cup during their October FIFA Executive Committee meetings.

But the Premier League has come out quickly today to say that their position is unchanged. And fair play to them. Why should the Premier League or any other league in the world disrupt their business because FIFA made the inane decision to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar where the tournament would be held in the summer? Why should the Premier League bow down to FIFA based on FIFA’s poor decision-making and due diligence? If FIFA is serious about not playing the tournament in the summer of 2022 in the desert of Qatar, perhaps FIFA – as ridiculous as it sounds – should move the tournament to a country where the temperatures are more favorable?

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is an explosive topic because something has to change. If the tournament is played in the summer of 2022, the temperatures are going to be so hot that the level of soccer played would be poor. If FIFA wants to move the tournament to the winter of 2022, that’ll clash with the Winter Olympic Games, which will hurt TV ratings for both tournaments. And if they move the tournament to another country altogether, then Qatar will be incensed.

There is no perfect compromise for the World Cup 2022 The only way of not making it a disaster is by moving it to the winter, but I’m not convinced there’s much the Premier League could do to stop it.

Unfortunately, it’s yet another instance of FIFA being a corrupt and inefficient soccer body that is tarnishing the image of the beautiful game around the world.

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24 thoughts on “Premier League Blasts Sepp Blatter Proposal to Have 2022 World Cup in Qatar Played in Winter: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. The leagues shouldn’t budge. It is absolutely not their fault that fifa was moronic/corrupt enough to pick Qatar in the first place.

    I hope this can be one of the first steps in forcing FIFA to move this tournament elsewhere.

  2. This is such crap.
    All through the bidding process, it was assured that the tournament would be played in the summer.
    And once Quatar beat out the USA, whoops, we were just kidding. Its too hot in the summer.
    Just total bs.

    (Yes, I’m still pissed the 2022 World Cup wont be played in my home country.)

  3. The whole thing is really silly and this was totally predictable. It’s like they’ve never planned an event before. I do some of this sort of thing for my various professional associations and its something you take into account. If your meeting is in February than you probably won’t be having your meeting in Chicago. If your meeting is in July, you probably won’t be meeting in Phoenix. [Unless you are a poor organization and want to take advantage of cheap hotel rooms during those times….]

    FIFA really deserves what they get. It’s amazing how poorly run football is. Seriously, it would probably work out better if they just let the fans run it via some sort of crowdsourced model.

  4. MLS took 2 weeks off for the World Cup in 2010 (didn’t play during the group phase at all, and didn’t have anything on the semi-final or final days), I’d think the Premier League can do something similar for one season (they say that three seasons could be affected, which I think is bogus).

    1. The reason that MLS took a break during the World Cup wasn’t because all their players were playing i the world cup (I would imagine only a small fraction of MLS players partake in the World Cup) but rather a marketing decision – with the World Cup taking place, no-one would be watching MLS matches.

      The reason for the European leagues needing to take a break during the World Cup is different, since for the better teams most of their squad would be competing in the World Cup and thus some teams wouldn’t be able to field 11 first team players if the national leagues didn’t take a break.

      I think you are underestimating the impact that pausing for the world cup will have of the european leagues. I estimate that they would have to stop for a minimum of 6 weeks. FIFA is going to require clubs release players to the nations at least 2 weeks before the WC starts, then the WC itself lasts for 3 weeks, they the players are going to need at least a week to travel and recover before playing club matches, so that’s at least 6 weeks, probably more like 8.

      Stopping the leagues for that length of time means that the season is going to have to be extended in both directions, starting earlier and ending later. In order to ensure players get a decent rest period in the summers, the season before will need to be scheduled to finish earlier than usual, and the season after will need to be scheduled to start later than usual, hence the claim that 3 seasons will be impacted.

      I have no doubt that FIFA will get what it wants in the end, but it’s a terrible way to go about it. I assume when they were soliciting bids for the world cup that it stated that the world cup was to be played in Summer 2022, so if you submit a bid you should be expected to fulfill what you agreed to, bit to complain after the fact. If FIFA had wanted a winter world cup in order to give countries in which it is infeasible to host a June/July WC cup a chance to host then they should have stated that before the bidding process began, and pre-negotiated a deal with the leagues. Doing it after the fact is a serious case of moving the goalposts.

  5. What does it matter? Qatar bribed everyone they could and are still bribing people to get their way. FIFA dont care as long as the members get even more wealthy. This is a joke and we all know it and yet no one has the power to do anything about it. We love the game and the corrupt FIFA own it.
    It is a crock that it is even being held in Qatar. They will pay people to come and watch. So, there will be a spectacle. I hope they choose me to pay and watch.

  6. Who were they supposed to award it to then?

    FIFA clearly doesnt like the way soccer is run in the USA and Australia, so theyre out. That leaves Qatar, Japan, and Korea. Japan and Korea just had one, and the prospect of having it in a lucrative, ultramodern oil state in Arabia.

    Qatar was the obvious choice, and it promised it would develop technology to air condition the stadiums. (What happened to that idea btw?)

    1. The reason why the USA and Australia didn’t get more votes than they did is not because FIFA members don’t like the way soccer is being run. It’s because the other countries bidding were greasing the palms of the Executive Committee members.

      Qatar wasn’t the obvious choice, and still isn’t. The only reason they won is because they paid off the FIFA members and influenced the vote.

      1. Do you know they bribed FIFA? Thats just speculation, although i would not be surprised if it is true.

        And if we wanted the world cup so badly as to still be whining about not getting it, why didnt we do it too?

        1. The Blizzard had some great investigative journalism that dug into the bribery scandal. Plus, do on a search for Andrew Jennings and you’ll more research and findings.

          Some nations play by the rules. Other’s don’t.

      2. The fact of the matter is this tournament is called the World Cup and not the just the Europeans and the American continent. There only been 2 occasions when the Cup left these 2 continents. The other leagues will have to adapt. The Russian league avoids the winter month,the German league does as well. The EPL. and the rest will have to adapt accordingly.

      1. Actually Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world per Forbes magazine and has vast oil and gas resources. Once they gained independence from the Brits in early 70’s, they naturalized the oil and gas companies. Therefore they have plenty of cash to bribe with.

        Wouldn’t be surprised if they gave each FIFA member voting for them 24K Rolex watches, each a Rolls Royce and a million each in cash. Because 2022 was a given for the US, so the bribes had to be well worth it.

  7. Whenever Blatter is behind something it’s because it involves a trouser load of cash. I still find it amazing nobody has been able to bring this corrupt organization down.

    The mob could learn a thing or two from FIFA.

    1. The tragedy is that the natural successor Platini is just as corrupt as Blatter. The more things change the more they stay the same.

  8. you can only hurt FIFA through your pocket, we could refuse to watch or buy any kind of merchandise, Reality is that we will watch no matter when its played, that means we must not buy a single thing that’s connected to Qatar 2022. The sad thing is America would have staged a wonderful world cup with people flocking here from all around the world, instead we are being force fed this rubbish.

  9. I live smack-dab in the ‘burbs of Phx, Az. Today is was 109. That is a “cool” day for us. Two weeks ago it was 121.

    If footballers step on to the pitch with temps reaching 110-125… They’ll die.

    No joke. I’m a native of The Valley of The Sun, and our summers are no joke. Folks just fall over and die sometimes. I’ve seen so many guys at tournaments around the valley get hit with huge cases of heat stroke, and it will happen to the pros as well. Guaranteed.

    Qatar can get hotter than Phoenix on many days in the summer, and lads from England or Spain or Russia (or a ton of other countries) are just not acclimated to the heat.

    Good one, FIFA.

    Maybe in 2034 you can have the WC held in Hell.

    What a mess.

  10. Grandpa lined his pockets with Qatari money in the first place. Now, he sees an opportunity to further line his pockets from some other country who will belly up to the cash register.
    For FIFA to take on all the European leagues by moving the World Cup to winter seems a losing proposition. I foresee leagues all over the world telling FIFA to have a nice tournament, but we won’t be there.
    This would be a fitting finale to Grandpa’s crooked tenure.
    Unless he changes the rules and makes himself king for life.

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