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NBC’s Coverage of the Premier League: By The Numbers

nbc epl NBCs Coverage of the Premier League: By The Numbers

Thirty days from now, NBC Sports will begin broadcasting the Premier League on US television and Internet.

NBC Sports Group broke down the numbers to illustrate the depth of coverage they’ll be bringing to soccer fans in the United States:

1610+ Total hours of Premier League programming annually

600      Hours of original and weekly studio programming

380      Live TV games across NBC, NBC Sports Network, Premier League Extra Time, and additional NBCUniversal networks – more televised Premier League games than ever before

380      Live Premier League games streamed on NBC Sports Live Extra – across desktop, tablet and mobile via “TV Everywhere,” the media industry’s effort to make quality content available to MVPD customers both in and out of the home and on multiple platforms.

196      Live games on NBCUniversal television networks

184      Live television games presented by Premier League Extra Time – at no extra cost to fans or TV providers

15+      Former players working on Premier League coverage for NBC Sports Group (includes talent, research and production)

10        Games on Championship Sunday (May 11, 2014) presented simultaneously at 11 AM ET on 10 NBCUniversal channels (10 games, 10 channels)

7          Days each week with Premier League programming on NBCUniversal networks

5          Weekly Premier League magazine/studio/highlight shows

2       U.S. sports networks with major August 17 debuts

1       Exclusive U.S. home for Premier League – NBCUniversal

Questions? Here’s everything you need to know about NBC’s coverage of the Premier League.

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23 Responses to NBC’s Coverage of the Premier League: By The Numbers

  1. Big Head says:

    I am extremely excited to see NBC in action with this. They’ve knocked it out of the park with their NHL and MLS coverage.

  2. Sam Cutting says:

    Christopher –

    Do you have the current list of cable providers who have signed on to provide “NBC Sports Live Extra” streaming? Can you clarify what to do if your cable provider is not on that list? Is there going to be an option to buy access to streaming directly from NBC Sports? (I assume not)

  3. Leafsfan1967 says:

    This is great news and if NBCU’s coverage of the EPL is as good as their coverage of the NHL it will be great!

    Only snag is how many of us will be able to see all of the content. I’m trying not to worry about the fact there’s still no contract with DirecTV for the app and the extra channels.

    • David says:

      I am hesitant but will say that DirecTV tends to be pretty great regarding sports programing. They’ve always had the most options compared to the competition, especially with the UEFA Champions League/Europa League additional channels and specialty mixed channel for big events.

      Here’s to hoping they get this one right too.

  4. Tayo says:

    i love u NBC

  5. saywhat? says:

    Just sitting waiting for Directv, the largest satellite provider in the country, to confirm they are on board with all the coverage options.

    Sitting, waiting, wishing, hoping…..

  6. Wicks says:

    Not sure why it says ” Live television games presented by Premier League Extra Time – at no extra cost to fans or TV providers”.

    My cable provider Cox says they will not carry it because there is an extra cost, a transmission cost. Is this true or they just feeding me bull?

    I’m 100% certain I will not have access to all the games this season. :(

    • Christopher Harris says:

      COX is pulling the wool over your eyes. There’s no transmission cost. There’s zero cost from NBC.

      • Kris says:

        This is *exactly* how Cox put it to me when I wrote the basic blurb about needing the NBC Sports App on their FB page:

        Cox Communications Hi Kris, thank you for voicing your concerns. We appreciate all feedback from our customers. Most Network TV apps come with an additional cost, so we work hard to negotiate our contracts with each network to ensure the best value for our customers. We have to coordinate authentication access paths for new apps with each TV network, as well as with the manufacturers of each supported device. I will be sure to submit a request on your behalf to our programming team with this information! -Renee
        July 12 at 3:01pm

        So, Gaffer, they *are* telling us that there is “additional costs” to them.

        Is this just a case of the CC reps saying anything to get me to shut up?

        Gahhhhh. Frustrated w/ my cable company.

        • Christopher Harris says:

          Kris, it sounds like it’s an answer that’s copy-and-pasted from one of their training manuals (“Most Network TV apps come…”). In the case of NBC Sports Live Extra, it’s no additional cost to COX. They just have to call NBC and sign the deal to allow their customers to access it.

  7. Jyde says:

    Any updates on Directv’s negotiation with NBC? The reason I switched from Xfinity to Directv was because of beIN sports and I simply can’t just fathom the idea that I may have to switch to Xfinity in the near future…I hope they come through!

    • Darren says:

      Switch to Dish. BeIN is there too.

      • BeIN is on DirecTV as well.

        I love DirecTV, especially for their soccer & rugby coverage. But not giving us access to Extra Time will be a deal breaker. I’m prepared to switch to either COMCAST, DISH or U-Verse if DirecTV doesn’t make an announcement by August 12th. The switch will cost me about $140 as my most recent contract with DirecTV ends in February.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      No news. As soon as I hear something, I’ll post a new story on the site.

  8. Aman says:

    I am currently without any Tv provider but itching to sign onto some service before season starts in August. So far I have choice between Dish , Direct Tv and TWC. I know best thing is to either get U verse or Dish as they have signed on to bring Live extra app. But Dish needs 2 yr contract and so far dunno when I can get Uverse TV as only Uverse Internet is available at my house.
    So which one you guys recommend? Dish to get everything or wait for U verse to come to my house with Tv service?
    Also I like EPL and CL. So who would be broadcasting CL? will it be Fox soccer and Direct Tv ?

  9. Rick says:

    Great news! Gaffer, any info on BeIN on ATT Uverse?

  10. Nelson says:

    I’d like a list of what channels I need in order to get all EPL games (excluding NBC Live Extra Streaming) Anyone know? Have they released what games will be shown on what channels? For example I have the comcast starter package (No Telemundo or Galavision on that) and would like to know what I might miss. Saying games will be shown on NBC Universal is not helpful, that’s a network of channels not a channel.

  11. Roger says:

    It is really sad that people with no cable/sat providers can’t get chance to watch all games now. Even some with cable/sat can’t due to their provider not being partnered with NBC for their Extra Live service.

    I know many were extremely happy with NBC taking over but for some it will hurt a lot until who knows when they will have access to the Extra service.

    If I could pay like I did with Fox2go without needing any sort of provider I would but sadly it will never happen with this new direction. Luckily I have good source to get HD feeds for the upcoming season.

  12. Alan says:

    According to the preliminary schedule it looks like I’ll be missing quite a few matches as they are shown on Sports Live Extra. I have Time Warner Cable, and have contacted them multiple times and spoken to supervisors asking for these new channels. I have done everything I can do. Really hoping they are listening to their customers!!!!

  13. nickp91 says:

    NBC’s Premier League schedule begins on August 17th. Fox Sports 1 debuts on August 17th big day for Sports fans

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