Manuel Pellegrini Wants Manchester City to Play Like Barcelona, Says Jack Rodwell

Manchester City midfielder Jack Rodwell has revealed that new City manager Manuel Pellegrini wants his side to play like Barcelona.

Rodwell, in an interview with The Sun newspaper, said:

“Pellegrini likes us to press high up and press in numbers, to get the ball back as soon as possible and then play simple football.

“He wants us to keep the ball until we’re in the final third and then see.

“It’s early and he hasn’t gone into too much detail – he’s gradually drip-feeding us.

“You look at Barcelona and what they do and it works for them so hopefully we’ll adapt.”

With Manchester City hiring staff who have worked at Barcelona before, and they’re building their new academy in the city, it’s not surprising that Pellegrini is trying to build a Barcelona system at the club. On top of that, it makes you wonder how a gifted defensive midfielder like Gareth Barry will fit in with this side, if at all. Plus, it’s one thing to drill your players to play like Barcelona, but can Manchester City play like that when the pressure is on — i.e. will they have the patience?

8 thoughts on “Manuel Pellegrini Wants Manchester City to Play Like Barcelona, Says Jack Rodwell”

  1. Ugh….I loathe watching that Barcelona style. I appreciate it’s effectiveness, but think it is really boring to watch. Hopefully City won’t be on the main NBC channels very often.

    I know some folks disagree and I respect their right to have their opinions, but it’s just not the style of football I want to watch very often. I’d rather see a team that always has scoring in mind.

    1. I think that many teams use the Barca way as a starting point (Swansea and Liverpool come to mind from last year), and in theory it’s not a bad way to play football; pass often – keep the ball – look for openings – make runs – score goals – then pressure high – win ball back – do it all again.

      At some times throughout a match, tiki-taka Barca style is insanely boring, yet we must admit that it is effective when it’s executed properly.

      Hopefully City can take a few pointers from that general style of play, but still keep their own take on the game.

      Control the midfield, feed the wingers, feed the strikers, press hard on defense, mark men well, and when in range of the net – – – shoot the ball!

      Too many times last season I thought City played with the ball too much around the 18yd box, instead of pulling the trigger.

      The goals (and wins) will come for City. They’re going to be real good this year. Better than last. I have faith.lolol

      Hopefully *all* of City’s games will be on the main NBC channels.

      Blue Moon….

      la la la

  2. I always felt Mancini played a possession style of football so it shouldn’t be too difficult for them to adapt.

    Barca can play the kind of football they want to because they have the talent to do so. City don’t have that caliber of talent so while it might be Barca-like it won’t be anywhere near as good.

    1. In the CL last year, Bayern seemed to finally find that elusive code to Barca’s safe. That code was insanely tight, in-your-face defense, not allowing the ol’ tiki-taka snake to slither it’s way up an down the pitch.

      Bayern ended up getting high off of that snake venom, not poisoned by it.

      Bayern out-muscled, out-manned, and eventually out-witted their opponent. They were tougher, stronger, and quite frankly miles better than Barca.

      Bayern the new Barca? Hmmm… Only extended time will truly tell. But Bayern did crack the code (for two games at least). With that being said, could they have done it with a 110% fit and ready Leo Messi on the pitch as well?

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