Manchester United Are Making a Massive £60million Bid for Gareth Bale, Says Report

Manchester United are preparing a £60million bid for Tottenham star Gareth Bale, according to a report in The Daily Mirror newspaper today.

The newspaper cites no sources, but the reporter understands that one of the reasons why Manchester United chief executive Ed Woodward made an unexpected return to England to work on transfer business was to finalize a deal with Tottenham for Bale.

The paper reports that “United are desperate to ensure that they give Moyes complete backing as he attempts to carry on the phenomenal success his predecessor Sir Alex Ferguson delivered.”

At the same time, The Telegraph newspaper is reporting that Tottenham are not willing to sell Bale at any price, while Spanish newspaper AS reports that Tottenham will offer Bale a new contract worth double his current deal to stave off Real Madrid.

Is today’s Mirror article transfer speculation, or does it contain a grain of truth? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

16 thoughts on “Manchester United Are Making a Massive £60million Bid for Gareth Bale, Says Report”

  1. When The Daily Mirror “breaks” a story, you can guarantee there is NO truth to it.

    Though it would be interesting to see what would happen to the recently unvailed Times Square billboard featuring Gareth Bale in his Tottenham kit.

    1. I’ve got to go see the billboard. It’s only a few blocks from my office.
      You rarely see a EPL player on billboards in the US, never mind Time Square!

  2. I Don’t think he’s worth 60m. For that kind of money you could strengthen several key positions within the team.

  3. Sorry, guys. Call me dumb, but how does it work exactly in the EPL for a bid of 60mill?

    Hear me out for just a sec.

    Say this deal happens, just for scenario sake.

    Would the 60 mill be Garreth’s “salary” over however many years the deal is worth?

    Or does the 60mill go to the club and then Bale get’s a “salary” which him and the team work out?

    They say in the EPL that a “fee” has been reached, and I’m just wondering who that fee is truly divied up?

    I’ve always been unclear on how deals work in the EPL.

    In the states, they always say how much so-and-so NBA player would make per year, and how long his contract is.

    In football, they never seem to say Garreth Bale make “this amount” per year.

    In the EPL, how does it work? Let’s use this 60mill for Bale as our example.

    Once again, sorry to everyone laughing right now, but I’ll never know if I don’t ask.



      1. The 60m goes to the club thats selling then the player is free to negotiate his contract and new salary with his new team.

        1. Thanks, 77.

          My next ? would be how do salary negotiations work between club and player then? Does the club say something like, “Ok, Garreth. We’ll give you 12 million a year for 5 years”, or does the player say something like, “I want 15mill a year for 4 years”… And then they try to meet in the middle? Or does the club have full say?

          1. Pretty much the same way you or anyone else would negotiate a salary when starting a new job.

            He will know what he’s worth and his agent will go to the club and try and get him the best deal possible.

            EPL clubs usually break it down into a weekly wage so you will see stories saying he’s on 100k a week or 125k a week or whatever. In the US they would say he’s on 6.5m a year or 26m over 4 years. At the vend of the day it all adds up to the same thing.

            Also every players contract is guaranteed to be paid no matter what and every player essentially has a “no trade” clause with every contract they sign.

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