Final Episode of ‘FOX Soccer News’ Will Air On US TV On August 17

‘FOX Soccer News,’ the nightly news and analysis show, will no longer be available on United States television once FOX Soccer Daily launches on FOX Sports 1 on August 19.

“‘FOX Soccer News’ will no longer be shown on FOX Soccer after August 17,” said a spokesperson for FOX Sports. “‘FOX Soccer Daily’ will be the primary destination for our soccer coverage going forward.”

While the news that ‘FOX Soccer News’ calling it quits isn’t earth-shattering, the confirmation will at least give soccer fans in the US a chance to watch the final episodes of the show before it’s no longer available Stateside.

Produced by Rogers Media in Toronto, the show launched in August, 2012 and was met with a mixed reaction. Many of the viewers who watched the previous incarnation of ths show, which was entitled ‘FOX Soccer Report’ and produced in Winnipeg, disliked the new talent, set and format of ‘FOX Soccer News.’ But others, myself included, found the show informative and a good resource for highlights as well as occasional thought-provoking analysis especially when the talented Bobby McMahon and Lloyd Barker were on.

The future of the show on Canadian television is uncertain. There’s always the chance that Rogers Media may continue producing the show, rename it and then continue airing it on Sportsnet Canada.

While the media buzz yesterday was focused on ‘FOX Soccer Daily,’ today would be a good opportunity to thank the Canadian talent for the daily show that has been running on US television for several years under the names ‘Fox Sports World Report,’ ‘FOX Soccer Report’ and ‘FOX Soccer News.’ I, for one, will miss it.


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