Chelsea Confirm Bid For Wayne Rooney, But No Players Offered In £20million Deal

Chelsea Football Club confirmed today that they put in a written offer for Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney yesterday, but the bid did not offer a player as part of the deal.

It was reported earlier today that Chelsea put in a £10million bid for Wayne Rooney plus either Juan Mata or David Luiz. However, The Guardian newspaper are reporting that Chelsea’s bid for Rooney was £20million, and that the London-based club are furious that the details of the transfer bid were leaked to the media.

Sources close to United also reveal that Mata or Luiz could come as part of the package deal.

Manchester United have yet to make an official comment regarding any of the developments.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho said yesterday that he has no plans to sell any Chelsea players this summer. And Mata or Luiz are two prized assets that the Stamford Bridge club will want to hold on to. But the opportunity to secure Rooney could be tempting enough to allow either Mata or Luiz to leave.

The ball is now back in Chelsea’s court to see if they, or another club, will put in a higher bid for Wayne Rooney.

19 thoughts on “Chelsea Confirm Bid For Wayne Rooney, But No Players Offered In £20million Deal”

  1. As good as Rooney is, I’d never give Mata up for him. I think Mata is a brilliant player with a very bright future ahead of him. Rooney is a top player now but his window isn’t as open as Mata. It seems Rooney comes with a certain amount of baggage at this point as well that isn’t worth the headache.

  2. You’d have to pay me to swap Mata for the Grannyshagger.

    Unloading that overrated, fat, 350k/week making slug and his chav of a wife on Chelsea would be the best thing the rags could ever do for themselves.

  3. Cash + Mata for Rooney? Should it not have been the other way around, like Cash + Rooney for Mata. That would make more sense. And United Rejected? Are you drunk David Moyes?

  4. Exactly @mufc 15m+ Mata and i’ll drive shrek down to London in my new bentley myself, when u buy another striker u’ll realise that shrek doesn’t like competition.

    Best Believe That.

  5. For the life of me I can not figure our why Mourinho would want Rooney to begin with. It would be exactly like the Torres deal…and how did that work out?

    1. Jose likes those big physical strikers who can put themselves about and while rooney isn’t the tallest he certainly will get stuck in when the need arises.

  6. I just don’t understand how the British “News Medai” gets away with printing what they do. Does being credible mean anything there?

    1. Nothing at all. They have been printing stories about Rooney for months yet they have never named a source.

      It’s always “unnamed sources” are saying Rooney is demanding this and wanting that because he’s unhappy yet the only comments Rooney all summer was about updating his twitter account name after the press made a big deal out of him dropping the Man Utd part from the account.

      Bottom line is if it doesn’t come from a official club site or the actual players mouth don’t believe anything you read.

      1. I disagree. If you think Rooney doesn’t want to leave Manchester United (or at least get a whopping new contract), then you’re wrong. The official club websites (or the player’s mouth) is almost always the last place you’ll read it after the news is done and dusted.

        United and Rooney will only say something publicly when it benefits their best interests. In the meantime, they’ll leak information to the press via their agents and contacts.

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