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Arsenal Join Chelsea in Battle for Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney: Nightly Soccer Report

guardian newspaper1 Arsenal Join Chelsea in Battle for Manchester Uniteds Wayne Rooney: Nightly Soccer Report

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says his club doesn’t have any issues with Wayne Rooney’s reported £250,000 per week wages, and has hinted that he may be willing to enact some revenge on Manchester United for stealing away his prized striker (Robin van Persie) by doing the same thing to United by stealing away Rooney.

After Arsenal’s 7-1 win against a Vietnam XI in Hanoi, Wenger said:

“We do not have any problem with the wages of Rooney. Do I get the sense United would be unwise or unwilling to sell to a Premier League rival? It happened to us. It can happen to them.”

Wenger is talking the talk, but it’s time for him to walk the walk. Instead of taking satisfaction in Manchester United possibly losing Rooney to either Chelsea or Arsenal, it’s time for the Arsenal manager to make a high-profile signing not just to wound United, but to also make a big statement that the Gunners mean serious business about trying to win the Premier League title this season. We’ve already seen the transfer of Gonzalo Higuain potentially fall out of the reach of Arsenal. Now it’s time for Arsenal to sign a deal for Rooney or another potential star.

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7 Responses to Arsenal Join Chelsea in Battle for Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney: Nightly Soccer Report

  1. Efrain says:

    I’d rather see Higuain over Rooney.

  2. Kagawa26 says:

    Are you serious Gaffer??? ” Arsenal buying Rooney wounds United and makes a big statement???? Signing a bench warmer who.didnt play our biggest game of the season against Real wounds us. This is a guy who was benched in the run in due to poor performances against west ham and other average oppostion. Thats why he didnt start the home game aginst chelsea in the league and the give away to ramires and that resulted in a chelsea goal summed up.his season. He either gives away possesion cheaply in front of our defence i.e. Villa home Passes the ball right to Benteke or gets dispossed way to easily and tries the hollywood ball to Rvp when he scored the insane volley against Villa every game and rarely connects with the pass. Chelsea and arsenal are feeding off of Utds scraps by getting Rooney a player clearly on the decline. I am pretty sure Moyes clearly said ” Wayne Rooney will be needed if Rvp gets injured”. That statement indicates Rooney is a bench warmer for Manchester united and not a starter but an impact player. I guess because Wayne is english and was a former really good player means that he locks up.the title.for chelsea or Arsenal. Anything the media says. Rooney leaving has many benefits. It frees up.Kagawa for the #10 role and Chicha gets more games and Janujaz will benefit. We save 26million on his wages and say united accept a 25 million pound offer thats 51 million pounds in total we can get from his sale. That is almost any central midfielder in the world we could buy with that money.

  3. CTBlues says:

    That Comcast article is from 2011.

  4. Marc L says:

    Oh, please, Arsenal. I think there needs to be a new usage of the term as a verb.

    “Arsenal, to” (v): the act of offering/floating a purported offer via journo sources merely for purposes of APPEARING to wish to spend money and actually compete. While knowing the entire time that said offer will not be accepted because it has been deliberately set too low.

    I swear, I hate the rags more than anything but at least they generally TRY (and succeed) as actually winning things.

    Arsenal, on the other hand, is thoroughly contemptuous and appears to me to be running a long-term scam at the expense of its worldwide supporters’ base. Said base growing definitely restless, so you hear about all these people they supposedly want to sign. BUT NEVER WILL.

    So come next May, you very well may see another honor guard and procession on the field at the Emirates to celebrate yet another fourth-place finish and inevitable flushing out of the UCL the next year (after, critically, at least 3 matchdays worth of UCL revenue have again been put into Stan Kroenke’s pockets.)

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