Trailer for Istanbul United, A Documentary About Turkish Football Ultras [VIDEO]

Judging by the four-minute trailer, the forthcoming documentary entitled “Istanbul United” looks to be an explosive, informative, emotional and wild ride into the world of Turkish football Ultras and the political protests in Turkey.

The trailer gives a wonderful preview to a documentary that will hopefully see the light of day. It’s an Indiegogo project that the filmmakers are hoping to raise enough money to complete the film.

According to the filmmaker’s website, “During the current protests in Turkey, an alliance formed out of the most unlikely parties. For years fans of the 3 main football clubs in Istanbul (Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Besiktas) have been known all over Europe for their unconditional support of their teams, and their mutual rivalry that often resulted in extremely violent clashes.”

Supporters from the three main clubs in Istanbul joined together for peaceful protests against the ruling party in Turkey and their prime minister, but the protests soon turned ugly when police fired tear gas to break up the public protests.

It looks like a fascinating film. To make a donation (to help them raise the $15,000 they need to make the film), visit And spread the word on social media so other soccer fans will be informed and hopefully donate.

6 thoughts on “Trailer for Istanbul United, A Documentary About Turkish Football Ultras [VIDEO]”

  1. It’s too bad that ever since the UEFA sanctions came out for Fenerbahce and Besiktas that this project will probably never get off the ground. Ever since then the Galatasaray fans have been buzzing that their rivals got screwed by UEFA, although in my opinion under very shady circumstances.

  2. This site is becoming The Guardian. First East German soccer, now this. Wtf? Far too high brow for me. Give me articles about Suarez, Gus Johnson, and thoughtful debates on the merits of foreign ownership in the EPL over this snoozefest.

      1. Keep it up man. You’ve done a great job with this site. Don’t worry about the trolls, they probably have never written anything that very many people have wanted to read. You get thousands of hits a day.

  3. Important to highlight off field contributions related to football. Based off the trailer this documentary looks fantastic. Great story and amazing footage. Hope it gets off the ground!

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