Barcelona Need Cash From Cesc Fábregas Sale to Manchester United: Nightly Soccer Report

There’s an interesting development in the Cesc Fabregas to Manchester United transfer saga tonight as The Guardian is reporting that Barcelona need the cash from the sale of Fabregas to help the club’s coffers after all of the money they’ve spent in the past two seasons on Neymar, Alexis Sanchez, Fabregas and a new contract for Messi.

The highly placed source at Barcelona told The Guardian that “Barcelona are willing to sell because they need the money,” and that a bid of £35million could convince the Spanish club to let Fabregas leave.

On top of that, Fabregas is believed to be discontent about the latest developments at Barcelona where the signing of Neymar has placed Fabregas further down the pecking order in regards to attacking footballers at the Catalan club.

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11 thoughts on “Barcelona Need Cash From Cesc Fábregas Sale to Manchester United: Nightly Soccer Report”

    1. I don’t think he would be a big loss. Faded last year after a good start. The gunners pursuit of Suarez is fascinating. It’s starting to look like they might get him. He’d be a good fit for their style of play too. But what a devastating blow for Liverpool.

      Did you see the Suarez ad? Quality! The lad has a sense of humor.

  1. anybody know much about Jack Hobbs?guess he was in LFC system and then loaned to Hull.played 22 matches last year hope he has some talent.

    1. A team’s value is subjective. Unless you are selling the team, it’s value has little relevance. If your home is worth whatever, say one million and you have a tenner in your pocket, you might need cash. Complicate matters further if your house has a mortgage. For football clubs that translates to overhead.

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