Wayne Rooney Won’t Be Offered Extension to His Manchester United Deal: Daily Soccer Report

While Manchester United manager David Moyes has been trumpeting how Wayne Rooney is a key part of his plans at United and saying that the player will not be sold, new United chief executive Ed Woodward is singing from a different hymn sheet.

“No contract renewals are being discussed. I am not sitting down with any player on an extension and there is no trigger date in the diary.

“Would we be afraid to run a contract down? Of course not.”

Judging by those words, Manchester United are playing hardball. They’re not willing to bend to give Rooney a brand-new contract and to try to woo him to stay at the club for longer. It’s a clear “put up or shut up” tactic by United, and it’ll now be interesting to see how Rooney’s advisor reacts to this news, which could accelerate Rooney’s departure from Old Trafford so he can go to a club where he’ll be paid more money and appreciated more.

What’s your read on the developments? Are Manchester United trying to force Rooney out? Or do you have a different take on Woodward’s opinion? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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10 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney Won’t Be Offered Extension to His Manchester United Deal: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. I am so tired of the annual summer distraction that is the Wayne Rooney saga. If he’s not under performing for England somewhere he is throwing his toys out of the pram at a top club that pays him way more than he is worth. He has been in decline for some time now. Ferguson tired of him. Moyes will too. Ship him off to Galatasaray and be done.

    1. Decline? Are you kidding me? The dude has netted 50 club goals in the last two seasons (80 apps)…

      Disclaimer: I am not a United fan.

  2. Shrek needs to go he is so yesterday.blackmailed MUFC to get his last contract no where near a 250k a week player.either sell to Turkish or Greek league.Grannies of the world will be running for their honor.

  3. As soon as United picked up RVP you knew the Rooney saga was going to come to an unhappy ending. There is no way for him to get the time on the pitch where he wants it and is arguably most effective.

    Best to sell him off before the season even gets under way, while someone may think he’s still worth the price.

  4. unbelievable how much Rooney hate there is..he is quality…SAF isn’t perfect, he wasnt always right…

    With Wayne Rooney he is wrong…he will be a great addition to any club… it is just jealousy on the part of others

    1. Are smoking weed Dust? How was fergie wrong? Rooney didnt hand in a formal transfer request but he asked to leave. He was terrible in Real away which was why he didnt start in the return game. He is lucky to be playing for the biggest club in england. Wayne is not good enough for manchester united anymore hes over rated and hes a damn drama queen.

  5. Poor timing in trying to lever an extension. After a dismal season and making the Boss angry. Just ask Roy Keane.

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