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GolTV Adds Eredivisie to Its Lineup: Will Begin Broadcasting On Aug. 2

eredivisie goltv 600x450 GolTV Adds Eredivisie to Its Lineup: Will Begin Broadcasting On Aug. 2

GolTV will begin televising the 2013-14 season of Eredivisie, the Dutch national soccer league, on August 2.

The Miami-based soccer network will share the US media rights to the Dutch top flight league with ESPN. As of press time, ESPN — the self-proclaimed Worldwide Leader of Sports — begins its coverage of Eredivisie on August 11, while GolTV is set to kick off their coverage on August 2 with the season opener between Ajax against Roda JC Kerkrade.

Details and TV schedules are limited, but as soon as we find out more information, we’ll be sure to share it with you.

GolTV is currently available on DirecTV and other TV providers.

Photo credit: @thedenimkit.

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27 Responses to GolTV Adds Eredivisie to Its Lineup: Will Begin Broadcasting On Aug. 2

  1. Chris says:

    Wish GolTV was available on Cocmast, they took it off for beIN. I want both!!

    • gillyrosh says:

      I know! It still irritates me that I’m not getting Bundesliga matches because GolTV is no longer carried by Comcast!

  2. Jon says:

    ESPN keeps web rights? Gol gets TV? Is that how this works?

    • Christopher Harris says:

      That’s what it appears to be, but ESPN Deportes may have Spanish-language TV rights. Still trying to get to the bottom of it right now.

  3. Chris says:

    oh lord, Comcast*

  4. Chris says:

    I’m surprised GolTV is still around.

  5. DMC says:

    Could it be that Gol TV will share the Bundesliga with ESPN.

  6. Mysterious J says:

    As a fan of the Bundesliga, I have no choice but to pray for Gol to die so I might be able to see my favorite league on TV again before 2015.

  7. mike yuhas says:

    this is a surprise a quick look at both league’s fixtures shows the Dutch with afternoon matches and 6:30 am on Sundays. Might be not much conflict with the Bundesliga

  8. Gautam says:

    Gaffer, have you thought of adding tags to posts on your blogs ? e.g. if I want to look up old posts on tv scheduling, those tags might prove helpful

    • Christopher Harris says:

      We’ve been diligently adding categories to most of the new posts, so people can search for previous articles based on those categories. The categories are listed at the foot of each article, but it’s going to take time to update the old articles with the categories, so there’ll be more content to read once that’s done.

  9. rachid says:

    you said GolTV is currently available on DirecTV / yeah but on the Spanish package

  10. Jason W says:

    I suppose GolTV will alternate live matches between the Dutch and German Leagues on a date and time basis and a select remainder on a same day delay, I suppose that isn’t a bad deal.

    I just wish DirecTV would put GolTV back on the Sports Pack instead of just within a Spanish language package.

  11. rkujay says:

    I guess fox let another ‘secondary league’, like the EPL get away.

    OK gus, here come the womens league, racin’ and rasslin’.

  12. CTBlues says:

    I thought News Corp got the rights to the Dutch league.

  13. Ming says:

    Is goltv back in Comcast?

  14. PaulB says:

    Any news on beinsport online for comcast or directv? they said other providers would be added but still no news on the streaming front.

  15. Ming says:

    Paul raises a great question about beinsport steaming. Is there any phone we can use to pressure directv or Comcast? Do you know if they actually want to provide it? Like HD channels of bein?

  16. Sean says:

    If Goltv goes away, there goes the Eredivisie and Bundesliga as the new Fox sports channel won’t be smart enough to pick up on the equally exciting Bundesliga even though it lost the EPL to NBC.

  17. Dan says:

    Quick question: is there ANY network that carries GolTV at the moment? I am currently not subscribing to any cable or dish service but would happily do so if it allowed me to watch Bundesliga.


    • Guy says:

      Much maligned TimeWarner has a Sports Pass for $9.00 per month that includes GolTV as well as beIN SPORT, Fox Soccer Plus and 15 other channels. It’s a good deal for sports fans.

      • jtm371 says:

        wish comcast had that deal great offer for 9 bucks a month.two more weeks till Hughes debut hope it goes well for your Potters.

        • Guy says:

          I will be happy to see any kind of evolution/improvement in the team. Last season even life long fans were starting to cringe, especially away.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      Dan, GolTV is available on DirecTV.

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