Wayne Rooney Injured On Asia Tour, Faces Race To Be Fit For New Season: Nightly Soccer Report

Manchester United striker/midfielder Wayne Rooney injured his hamstring in training today, and is flying back from the Red Devils Asia Tour. According to reports, he’s a doubt for the first game of the Premier League season on August 17.

“Following a scan this evening on a hamstring injury sustained in training, it has been decided that Wayne Rooney should return home immediately for further assessment and rehabilitation,” read a statement by the club.

Newspaper reports are saying that Rooney could be out of action for one month, but those reports appear to be premature.

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5 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney Injured On Asia Tour, Faces Race To Be Fit For New Season: Nightly Soccer Report”

    1. Off to who? Arsenal? Surely you jest. That lot only makes offers to purchase people if they know for certain that said offers will not be accepted.

      Who else? Chelsea? Why bring in a 300K a week guy guy who isn’t as good as at least 4 people they already have on the books?

      Real? They may be the next thing to Nazis but other than that they aren’t stupid. What? Bring in the grannyshagger and let Tranaldo go the other way?

      PSG? No, got Cavani coming.

      Running out of names here. Unles….. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  1. I imagine the injury occurred while he was practicing his patented “dive and draw the cheap penalty call because I’m the Grannyshagger” move.

    In basketball they might call it “the LeBron.”

  2. Marc you are very dull, your comments are dull and I am sure your life is dull. Shut the F up and when United win the league again this season eat our shorts.

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