Fulham On Verge Of Being Sold To American Investors, Says Report

Fulham owner Mohamed Al Fayed is on the verge of selling his Craven Cottage club to American investors, according to a report tonight in The Daily Mail newspaper.

Al Fayed is reportedly not interested in investing any more money in the club. He bought Fulham in 1997 £6.25million, and has invested approximately £200million in the club since then.

The Egyptian owner is reported to have held secret talks with his advisors. A deal could be finalized before the Premier League season kicks off on August 17, or even as soon as the end of this week.

No American investors have been named in the article, but it’s conjecture is that it could be another NFL owner who may want to buy a Premier League club.

8 thoughts on “Fulham On Verge Of Being Sold To American Investors, Says Report”

  1. What do owners really get from buying clubs? I feel like it makes no business sense…

    I know there might be personal satisfaction from winning silverware.

    1. Bragging rights. When you have an endless supply of money, you need stuff like franchises in order to improve your clout among the uber-rich.

  2. Writing off huge business losses in one’s tax returns can be very lucrative in the United States; my guess it is no different in other countries. Plus owning a club comes with some cache, in term of borrowing power. If just for that owning a club is not as stupid as it may sound.

  3. Makes sense – My Jags are playing in London the next four years. This is the first step of having a premier league match in Jax.

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