Tottenham Hotspur Home and Away Shirts for the 2013-14 Season: Official [PHOTOS]

Tottenham Hotspur today unveiled their new home and away shirts for the 2013-14 season.

There’s been a lot of anticipation brewing regarding the new Tottenham kits with plenty of supposed leaked photos revealed. But now we can see the real deal.

Featuring new club shirt sponsor HP, Tottenham’s new kits — designed by Under Armour — are modern. The home kit is a modern take on a traditional theme, while the away kit is quite a departure.

According to the club website, “This year’s innovative home kit features white shirt with blue and white taping around the neck, blue shorts and blue socks, which pay tribute to the kits worn during the Club’s successful 1960s period. The bespoke Cadet Blue in the home kit is the deepest, darkest blue that Spurs have worn.

“From head-to-toe, the away kits are in a new energetic bright blue dubbed Capri.”

What’s your opinion about the new Tottenham home and away shirts? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

The 2013/2014 third kit will be unveiled later this summer.

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15 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur Home and Away Shirts for the 2013-14 Season: Official [PHOTOS]”

  1. Much better than the leaked stuff over the past few weeks. That huge HP away shirt was horrible. It covered the whole shirt from shoulder to waist.

  2. Much, much better than the leaked kits with giant “HP” logos. I love both of them. The bright blue kit is bold but not too gaudy (see Under Armour’s usually over-the-top designs in the US).

    I was hoping to see the third kit today but we’ll see it later this summer I suppose. I would love for it be yellow but I am guessing it will be a dark kit. COYS!

  3. It’s hard to tell by the lighting in these different photos but does the away kit look like a Man City powder blue or a more abnoxious aqua/fluorescent color?

  4. Good set of kits. Not sure the away shirt is that much of a departure. Spurs have worn different shades of blue in the past.

  5. Why not have the HP logo the same navy blue as the rest of the shirt and not sky ‘citeh’ blue :( be well smart then…

    1. I’d wager that it is because HP has specific standards regarding what colors their corporate marks can be rendered in in corporate communication applications.

      A dark Navy/Cadet Blue matching that used by Tottenham Hotspur is not amongst the HP corporate hues. In fact, there’s nothing similar amongst the colors HP has approved for corporate communications purposes. Therefore, in selecting a color in which to emblazon the HP logo on Tottenham’s jerseys (which HP obviously considers a corporate communications application), a complimentary – rather than matching – hue was chosen.

      Of the shades of Blue that are included in HP’s color palette for corporate communications purposes, those dubbed “HP Dark Blue” and “HP Blue” would look worse in combination with Tottenham’s “Navy/Cadet Blue”, as they would look as if a “close-but-not-close-enough” effort had been made to match the hues.

      Therefore, it appears that one of the lighter shades of Blue in the HP corporate palette was used on the home kits so as to make it clear that a conscious decision had been made to go with a complimentary hue.

      HP is paying a significant sum of money for the sponsorship placement on the Tottenham Hotspur kits. As such, whether supporters like it or not, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that HP is going to get to call the shots with regard to how they wish they’re corporate mark is applied to the kits.

  6. I wonder if the color of the was part of the deal with HP because I am almost positive there is a HP sponsored car in IndyCar that is the same color.


    Keeping Bale at Spurs is the best transfer news all summer. He is the face of the EPL, the man.

    Watching him play for the Spurs week in week out was the highlight above all highlights last season. To see a lad in his prime, with that kind of talent, running up and down the pitch for an EPL team is just beyond exciting. To have a talent that rivals Messi and Ronaldo in the EPL is just badas$.

    It’s like watching Jordan in his prime… and if Jordan would have skirted off to say a Brazilian league back in the day, that would have been horrible.

    If Bale goes to Spain then only a select few who will get to watch him truly play the game who don’t have access to the La Liga feeds. To just watch someone on just the highlight reel each week (for me, like it is with Messi and Ronaldo) then that is not truly getting to marvel at their overall talent on a weekly basis… it is just a glimpse of that massive talent.

    So, beyond elated to see Bale smack-dab in the middle of the photo shoot. Here’s hoping and praying that he really does remain a Spur next year.

    There are many awesome players out there that are jaw-dropping to watch, but there are only a handful of the top top footballers, and I’d put Bale at easily #3 in the world… Maybe even #2. If I was an owner and the choice was down to Bale or Cristiano to choose from… Sorry haters, but I’d choose the Welshman. He’s only going to get better (which is so cool to imagine), and I really think that Cristiano is coming to the end of his “best days”. Garreth’s are still 100% in front of him.

    This is *his time*. His now. And August 17, 2013 v. Crystal Palace I have all of my fingers crossed that Bale will be on the pitch and that they can shatter that bottle full of lightning and watch Garreth have the best season on record for any striker who’s ever played in the EPL.


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