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My Favorite Game: Jagielka Sends Everton Into the FA Cup Final

everton supporters 600x450 My Favorite Game: Jagielka Sends Everton Into the FA Cup Final

As lovers of soccer, we all get caught up in games. But every now and then, there is one game that stands out from the rest. And it can be for a host of reasons. Seeing your team lifting silverware, a dramatic last gap winner, a triumph against your bitter rivals or even just a great away trip with your mates are all factors that can contribute to the perfect match day experience.

Thinking back to my favorite game involving my team – Everton – it is difficult to believe that the clash was four years ago. So many things about the day itself are so vividly etched into my memory.

Everton were playing Manchester United in the 2009 FA Cup Semi Final. I was 19 years old at the time, so the prospect of the Blues taking to the Wembley turf was an unknown experience. Waking up on the day itself, I was met with a plethora of contrasting emotions, with nervous anticipation being the most dominant. But that was settled by a few early beers on the way down to London.

On arrival in the capital, we found a pub overflowing with Evertonians and settled in for the afternoon. The Toffees faithful went through their full repertoire of songs and it was abundantly clear the Blues were in exceptionally high spirits.

These spirits were buoyed further by the news that the Manchester United (who were still on to win 5 trophies at the time) line-up did not feature Wayne Rooney or Cristiano Ronaldo. A chance? Perhaps, but Evertonians have become accustomed to keeping their emotions – especially optimism – in check.

Heading down to the stadium itself, the noise from the Evertonians both on Wembley way and inside the ground itself was nothing short of phenomenal. Taking my seat and gazing at our end, awash with blue and white, was one of those ‘shivers down your spine’ moments.

Bizarrely, if there’s period of the day from which my memory is somewhat vague, it is the game itself. Maybe it was because of the tension, maybe it’s because it was just a scrappy affair (it wasn’t because of the alcohol, honest). Nemanja Vidic was at his dominating best and the Toffees forwards struggled to break down the United defense.

For Everton, Phil Jagielka and Joleon Lescott were conducting similarly excellent defensive jobs. Everton substitute James Vaughan missed a couple of good chances and United were denied what looked a clear penalty, but other than that, the 120 minutes of goalless football that passed by were fairly uneventful.

But the subsequent penalty shootout was anything but. Everton’s first taker, the Aussie talisman Tim Cahill, skied his effort over the bar. My initial reaction? “Here we go again, typical Everton.”

But that feeling of dejection didn’t last, as Dimitar Berbatov practically passed the ball to Tim Howard. This was followed by Leighton Baines smashing the ball into the roof of the net, before Howard saved again, this time from Rio Ferdinand. James Vaughan and Phil Neville both netted for Everton, as did Vidic and Anderson for United.

Everton found themselves 3-2 up, one penalty away from the final. Jagielka stepped up and put duly obliged. Those few seconds after that penalty hit the net are some of the best of my life. The scope of emotion in the Everton end was nothing short of remarkable. Some cried, some went crazy, some collapsed to the ground. I have to admit, after the initial hysteria, I did shed a tear myself. I worry about what I would be like if Everton are to win a trophy in the near future!

Going to Wembley with my Dad and my mates to watch Everton win remains my happiest day as a football supporter. For all the glitz and glamour that comes part and parcel of the modern game, for me, that’s what football is really all about and why that semifinal is my favorite game.

So what about you guys? What’s your favorite game as a football supporter? What made it so special for you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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4 Responses to My Favorite Game: Jagielka Sends Everton Into the FA Cup Final

  1. Marc L says:

    Great article. For me, Cup semi in ’11 against that same lot and watching their supporters evacuate Wembley en masse not long after Toure scored.

    Well, in fairness, it took Mike Dean running the Ginger tw@ off about 10 minutes later to truly clear out the rag support. But I &^%$# swear they started leaving after Toure scored in about the 50th minute or so.

    • jtm371 says:

      Marc L
      i would think the 6 they put up at OT would have to be a close second.

    • Kagawa26 says:

      Most Utd fans dont care about the Fa cup. I certainly dont care about it. We had bigger fish to fry in the Champions league or did that line up not say it all. For smaller clubs beating Utd is like a cup final andwe take pride in how big of a scalp we are.

  2. Prinz says:

    You know my fav geme, 2011 having sat and watched in agony as City threatned to win with the game finely balanced and momentum swinging back and forth until something magical…., Nani who was having a splendid game all day, crossed a hopeful ball into box with berbatov barking at Roo and a dumb Kompany looking on as Roo won the derby with the most beautiful of all goals, damn OT rocked like never before thank God i had the best view when it went in, even my friend who has followed city supporter for 50+ yrs could not believe what he saw.
    That was a memory worth having.


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