Christian Benteke Hands In Transfer Request to Force Move Out Of Aston Villa

Tottenham Hotspur may have at last found their striker now that Aston Villa striker Christian Benteke has handed in a transfer request and hasn’t traveled with the rest of the Villa squad who are in Germany for pre-season.

Aston Villa have confirmed that the transfer request has been received.

“In response to reports that Christian Benteke has not travelled to Germany with the club and has made a transfer request, we can confirm that both are accurate.

“For clarity’s sake, however, he had already been given extra time off until July 18 and was reminded that there are three years remaining on his contract, we consider him to be a Villa player and expect that he will be with us for the 2013-14 season.

“Having received his transfer request, we have also informed him that should we receive an offer within an appropriate timeframe during pre-season which meets our valuation we would act upon it. But he will remain a Villa player should this not happen.”

The ball is now definitely in Tottenham Hotspur’s court, as well as any other club who may be interested in lodging a bid. Chelsea are rumored to be interested. But any major Premier League side would gladly make room in their squad for the Belgian striker after he scored 19 league goals last season.

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14 thoughts on “Christian Benteke Hands In Transfer Request to Force Move Out Of Aston Villa”

  1. This could be a very poor decision for Benteke. If he doesn’t prove his worth right away, he could be riding the bench at a big club…the season before the World Cup.

  2. I very much doubt he will be at spurs next season, this request comes hot on the back of rumours about Chelsea while Arsenal remain a more likely destination. The triggering of anything is garbage, he already knows his suitors and 20 to 25 million won’t cut it with villa which prices spurs out of the market.


    26% – Christian Benteke’s chance conversion rate last season was better than van Persie (22%), Suarez (16%) & Bale (16%). Request.

    Saying he’s a one season wonder is not right, just as saying he’s Van Dirty, the stats dont lie tho, he contributed to 40% of villa’s goals last season.

    His potential is huge, surrounding him with the talent at Spurs gives him the best chance to improve his tally as he’d be a starter. It just have been the new kit…just turned him enough…either that or the other 2 belgian beasts in Dembele and Vertonghen, what a spine in the starting 11

    Lloris, Vert, Dembele, Bale, Benteke…

    (sucked in again to the rumors…damn you off season…damn you !)


    1. You have to be kidding me. Why would he go to Chelsea. Ba, Lukaku, Torres, Shurrle are all there. He will go where he will see playing time do he will start in the World Cup. Playing for Chelsea will all but sink those chances. This is real football not Fifa 13 Keano.

  4. 3 years left on contract i would not sell him to spurs full stop as i get the feeling he has been tapped up. put him up for sale for 30m . if no club bids that amount then make him honour his contract. see how he likes rotting in the reserves on 20k a week.

  5. If villa do not let him go and make him play in the reserves who in their right mind would go there? You think the club wants that Rep? It’s what happened with Modric, berba, carsick… He’s on 20k a week…he wants that starting role for bgi do he probably figures a bigger team with the ability to help him achieve that.

    He will not start at CFC, they’re in for Rooney, have the new German and Dutch players as well as lukaku.

    I feel for the villa fans, not because I like their club, quite the opposite I don’t, they’re all morbid bastards that have narrowly escaped the drop the last two seasons. But it’s a rough situation as a fan to be in.

    Why don’t villa offer him a new contract worth 100k a week like Darren bent is on?

    Bale has Three years left on his contract, I didn’t see any posts about that with bale?

    I would imagine Spurs will offer something like 22m and give him 70-90k a week…whether they get him is another question.

    Also, they new what they were getting, Benteke went on strike at genke to force the move to villa, so it’s double standard bs if they don’t let him go.

  6. Exactly Dust, or the very same maneuver Benteke pulled in his previous club to join Aston Villa. It’s like people have not just short memories but tunnel vision. They could care less what the player or manager did to come to their club, but when said player wants to leave all of a sudden he’s the worst scum in the world (even if he’s only spent less than a year there).

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