Nottingham Forest Home Shirt for 2013-14 Season: Official [PHOTOS]

Nottingham Forest have unveiled their new home shirt for next season, and will be wearing adidas to replace the Umbro shirts from last season.

The only two photographs published thus far of Forest’s new shirt are pictured above and below. The familiar red shirt of Forest features an adidas shirt that is different to the majority of new template designs that we’ve seen for next season. The white trim complements the red quite well.

The one thing that’s missing from the shirt is a sponsor name.

According to the club, “The club have been in negotiations with a number of potential investors with regards to this season’s shirt sponsorship, a process which will continue until an agreement has been made. Therefore, there will be no shirt sponsor for the launch of the 2013-14 replica shirt.”

But the minute an agreement is signed, you can guarantee the sponsor’s name will be plastered all over the red shirt.

6 thoughts on “Nottingham Forest Home Shirt for 2013-14 Season: Official [PHOTOS]”

  1. pretty straight forward very traditional i know i am biased but surprise surprise i like it.COFYR! i know i am old but the shirts look so much cleaner without the sponsor.

  2. A sponsor may still be on it.

    I was expecting the WBA/Southhampton template. Thank God that was NOT the case.

  3. The two stars are a bit much. It’s been over 30 years since they won the old European Cup. New rule. You can only put the stars on the shirts if you are playing in the Champions league.

    1. no way just because their are no stars on your Lions jersey don’t get the heck do you think i have been able to hang on for so many years.

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