Happy 4th of July to World Soccer Talk Readers

My kids got up early this morning to design the above image on the computer to celebrate American Independence Day.

As a British citizen and American citizen, it’s one of those surreal days on the calendar today. But I still celebrate it. On behalf of everyone here at World Soccer Talk, have a very happy Fourth of July.

11 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July to World Soccer Talk Readers”

  1. You as well, Gaffer. Happy 4th to you!

    I was getting coffee this morning from my local supermarket with my little boy, and as we were leaving a man walked by us holding and pushing *tons* of purchased beer and spirits. PBR, corona, whiskey, vodka, you name it. All I could think was, “woah. It’s like 7:30am.”

    So, the guy piles all of these spirits into his car (which happens to be parked right next to ours), takes a seat, pulls out a beer – then cracks said beer… the whole time with a big Jimmy Buffett grin on his face. He looks up at us (I’m staring at him in utter amazement and shock and this point, and he says to my son and I (extremely jolly in nature), “Happy 4th, amigos!” – **then proceeds to blow into the car installed breathalyzer – passes – starts the car… then does a monster swig of a PBR – then drives away. At 7:30a in the morning.**

    Wear your seat-belts, kids.

    Happy 4th everybody! Be safe. Don’t drink in a supermarket parking lot at 7:30am in a car that already has a breathalyzer installed in it. You might have a problem at that point.

    You know what I can’t stand? When US fans cheer, “USA, USA, USA!!” at matches. Drives me nuts. No clue why, just does. It’s too much, like Gus’ voice. But, regardless of that monotonous phrase being shouted over and over, I do love this great country of mine… We just need a few new songs to chant, that’s all. lololol

    So, Happy Birthday, USA.

    USA, USA, USA!

  2. Yeah, happy 4th everyone. And here we Yanks can’t wait for the return of football in the Mother Country! We are being recolonized. Be on guard! 😉

  3. As a dual citizen myself I always felt strange about the 4th.. But who could turn down a holiday!

    Happy lost colonies day to all!


  4. Hello Christopher,
    Thanks for your words about Independence Day–and for being a good Dad for your children.
    I appreciate WST and look forward to another season of stories about the Premier League. The PL fantasy launch for ESPNFC should be in about 30 days as we get ready to pick 15-man rosters and then have our lives returned to us on August 17. I has already been too long an off-season.

      1. Gaffer,

        Hey, quick question. When does the next podcast installment come out? Are you guys going to do a mid-summer edition? If not, no big deal. Just thought I’d ask. Sure enjoy the podcasts

        1. Thanks K Riz. The plan right now is to take a break to recharge our batteries and return in time for the new season in early August. But who knows, maybe we’ll surprise you and the rest of the listeners before then!

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