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Soccer Pundits Must Study Coaching Badges to Improve Broadcasting Skills: Nightly Soccer Report

gary neville sky Soccer Pundits Must Study Coaching Badges to Improve Broadcasting Skills: Nightly Soccer Report

Sky Sports analyst and co-commentator Gary Neville argues that soccer pundits on UK TV must study coaching badges in order to improve broadcasting skills.

You could argue that Neville’s comments are an indirect criticism of many of the pundits on BBC’s Match Of The Day program that are woefully lacking in constructive analysis on television.

“From a broadcasting point of view, they don’t just want telling that the ball has ended up in the back of the net, they want to know why it has ended up in the back of the net. They want to know who made the mistake, why they made the mistake, how they made the mistake and how to rectify the mistake.

“Even if you don’t believe in getting the certificate because you know everything yourself, or you believe your knowledge is great, you’re going to be listening to and sharing ideas with 22 very good people on this course.”

While I agree with Neville, I would argue that we shouldn’t stop there. In addition to TV pundits (worldwide, not just the UK) being encouraged to pass their coaching badges, the same should apply to journalists at mainstream news outlets who can afford to go on the courses, which would benefit their analysis of matches.

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10 Responses to Soccer Pundits Must Study Coaching Badges to Improve Broadcasting Skills: Nightly Soccer Report

  1. Smokey Bacon says:

    I’m not sure about this. I think an ex players perspective is just as good as someone with coaching badges. And god help us if journalists have to get coaching badges. I’m not sure I want to be reading about 4-4-2, 3-5-2, 4-2-3-1, the offside trap etc all the time. Things are fine just the way they are. Some pundits are just better than others. It has nothing to do with coaching badges.

  2. Dust says:

    FINALLY!!! I’ve been saying that for years on here and twitter when interacting with “pundits”…

    I hope it happens… It doesn’t mean they will be right all the time but it’s better than having them spout utter rubbish without any actual understanding of coaching and tactics in the game, it should limit the sheer volume of stupid statements…
    Barton and wynalda are a great example if it not meaning a thing…

  3. Kagawa26 says:

    Dust we will never get our wish of pundits that dont spuot utter sh*t. We are stuck with the likes of arlo white and warren barton

    • Dust says:

      I don’t think Barton has his Uefa a or b licenses, I think he’s up to d…maybe.

      I know it’s idealistic to want knowledgable pundits to out number the morons…but still…I can dream

  4. Dean Stell says:

    Let’s sign Gus Johnson up for the first course!

    Seriously, this would be a good thing. I’m kinda amazed that a few of the journalists don’t do it anyway just to be better informed. Some of the lower classes can be completed over a weekend, right?

    • rkujay says:

      You beat me to the gus bash.

      Here is an example of a guy who knows virtually nothing, save that he likes the sound of his own voice.

      Don’t forget Curt Menefee, the former Champions League expert that fox thought we would relate to, since we all follow throwball…NOT.

    • John Culea says:

      Before he takes the advanced coaching course, Gus Johnson needs to be enrolled in remedial broadcasting and learn the fundamentals of what to do when he gets behind the microphone or in front of the camera.

  5. BA14 says:

    Maybe we should have badges for the fans on the message boards.

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