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Manchester City 2013-14 Away Shirt Leaked: Official [PHOTOS]

manchester city away shirt crest 600x600 Manchester City 2013 14 Away Shirt Leaked: Official [PHOTOS]

Both Manchester City and Manchester United’s away shirts will be black next season.

On the same day that new photos of Manchester United’s away shirt for next season have been leaked, their noisy neighbors Manchester City also have images that have been leaked on the Internet showing that the Citizens will be wearing black, too.

City’s shirt features a two-tone black design — with half of the shirt in black, while the other half is charcoal in color. Manchester City’s away shirt for 2013-14 is adorned with a gold club crest, gold kit manufacturer logo and sponsor name in gold. Both the cuffs on the shirt and the collar are in black. Overall, this is a very classy and sublime look to Manchester City’s away kit.

manchester city away shirt front 600x843 Manchester City 2013 14 Away Shirt Leaked: Official [PHOTOS]

manchester city away shirt back 600x843 Manchester City 2013 14 Away Shirt Leaked: Official [PHOTOS]

MOREManchester City’s home shirt for the 2013-14 season: Photos.

What’s your opinion about Manchester City’s new away shirt for next season? A touch of class, unimaginative, a ripoff of United, or something else? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

H/T Todo Sobre Camisetas.

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16 Responses to Manchester City 2013-14 Away Shirt Leaked: Official [PHOTOS]

  1. gaz says:

    Looks nice!, shame that there is no pictures of the shorts and socks to go with it but if black and gold then very smart indeed!.

  2. Mike says:

    A rip off of utd ?? Learn your facts , city’s first ever kit as st marks of gorton was black.

  3. How? says:

    Utd rip off? Why because They wore black in the 90s once?? Check your history lad!

  4. How? says:

    Stunning shirt though

  5. jtm371 says:

    nice shirt 2 thumbs up.looks even better with no tevez even better if you guys can move nasri.

  6. Marc L says:

    Good looking shirt. This has been pretty well accepted as the consensus for the “real” away shirt for a while, but this is the best and clearest image I’ve seen. I kind of like the two-tone black on this.

  7. Marc L says:

    I believe I’ve seen the third kit as well for the coming year – seems to be white with a sky blue/navy blue vertical sash on the left side.

    Not 100% convinced on it being real, but it actually looks pretty decent.

  8. Frill Artist says:

    An uninspiring design for an uninspiring club. How fitting.

    • Boney says:

      Yes, because nothing inspires trends more than navy blue plaid.

    • BlueWolf says:

      Obviously you are ignoring your own “uninspiring design” away black shirt for this coming season.

      oh, no, wait, you just enjoy posting gibberish, don’t you?

      • Boney says:

        I don’t get how two toned black with gold trim is uninspired. But, hey..whatever floats your boat.

        Meanwhile, enjoy resembling a cheap restaurant valet with your ever so inspiring home shirt.

  9. Sneaky Pete says:

    Why do United supporters insist on commenting on any City story on the internet??? Concentrate on your own club. I for one would never entertain even looking at a United story. Just saying

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