Tottenham Should Hand Gareth Bale the Captaincy, Says Glenn Hoddle: Daily Soccer Report

Tottenham Hotspur legend Glenn Hoddle believes that Gareth Bale should be handed the captaincy at the club.

Here’s what Hoddle said regarding the matter:

“I would have a word with Michael Dawson [the current captain] and give Bale the captaincy.

“Tottenham have had some wonderful captains over the years: Dave MacKay, Danny Blanchflower and, to give Bale the captaincy, is to put your hat on him. That would give him a lot of confidence, that little bit of added incentive, to see if he is a leader, if he can get even more out of himself.”

Do you agree or disagree with Hoddle? And if Andre Villas-Boas decides to give Bale the captaincy, what sort of impact do you think that’ll have, if any, on Michael Dawson’s morale? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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5 thoughts on “Tottenham Should Hand Gareth Bale the Captaincy, Says Glenn Hoddle: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. I think handing the Captaincy to Bale wouldn’t be such a bad idea, to boot, Referee’s tend to be more lenient towards captains and therefore we might see less yellow cards for Bale’s perceived diving and more Penalties. On another note, Bale will always play if fit, so having a consistent captain would be nice, over the last couple of years, Daws, Gallas and King have all been Captain, but not been regular enough to actually warrant it, and therefore someone else has to become Captain. IMO it should be a regular, Lloris, Vertonghen, Sandro, Bale?

  2. I’m all for giving the captaincy to Gareth Bale because his play warrants it. He plays every week, performs nearly every week and there’s never been any rumors of his dust ups with his teammates.

    In my opinion, it’s either him or Vertonghen, might as well be Bale.

  3. I don’t think so. Hoddle only mentions how the captaincy would help Bale. Isn’t the captain supposed to help the team more than himself? Bale is the best player but is also a pretty quiet guy. The captain should be a motivator and someone like Dawson or Parker have that.

    1. I agree with Nelson. Hoddle was a great footballer but he does half talk some crap. With Bale busy showing the world how good he is we’ll need someone vocal, someone who can motivate and lead by example. Super Jan or Sandro though because I’m not sure how long Dawson or Parker will be around.

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