Theo Walcott Depicted Manga-Style, Wearing Arsenal Battle Suit [PHOTO]

In coordination with Arsenal’s upcoming preseason tour of Asia, the club has decided to create Manga characters based on several of the stars of the Arsenal team.

First up on the block to be drawn is Theo Walcott, who has been turned into a Manga warrior as pictured above.

“I based Theo’s suit loosely on the long-running Gundam franchise (a personal childhood favourite), the main protagonists in which are usually heroic youngsters with access to gigantic exo-suits,” artist Morgan Lewis explained. “Since the comics and TV shows in which these suits feature are usually concerned with war or violence of one kind or another, it was important to keep anything resembling weaponry out of the design.”

I can’t wait to see the Manga drawing of Andre Santos 😉

5 thoughts on “Theo Walcott Depicted Manga-Style, Wearing Arsenal Battle Suit [PHOTO]”

  1. While wearing the suit, is Walcott still capable of super-kicking the ball 25-30 rows behind the keeper?

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