Paulinho Confirms £17million Move From Corinthians to Tottenham: Nightly Soccer Report

In a tearful goodbye, Paulinho had a press reference today to say goodbye to Corinthians as he confirmed he’s heading to Tottenham Hotspur in a £17million deal.

The 24-year-old midfielder, who was one of the many stars on the Brazilian team who won the Confederations Cup, travels to London this week to take his medical and to finalize the deal with Spurs.

Here’s what Paulinho said about moving to Tottenham:

“The other interest we got was from Inter Milan but the only offer came from Tottenham. The proposal came, we sat down, analysed it and decided. It was a big decision to go to a big club. There comes a certain point when you need new challenges.”

This is certainly a statement of intent by Tottenham Hotspur to capture the signing of such a great midfielder. Now they need to focus on signing a quality striker to complete their needs. What are your thoughts about signing Paulinho, and should Arsenal fans be concerned that on the same day Paulinho is heading to White Hart Lane, Arsenal sign a French youngster on a free transfer from a Ligue 2 side? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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34 thoughts on “Paulinho Confirms £17million Move From Corinthians to Tottenham: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. Lol, Arsenal are about to buy Higuain, which is a player Spurs would dream about signing, given their lack of class striker. Paulinho will be a decent player for Spurs. Definitely don’t see this a great signing by any means. And this is from an LFC fan.

    1. if i was a LFC fan i think i would be quiet about signings unless you want to talk about Carroll, you want me to keep going or do you get the point.

      1. No, I don’t get the point, so you can keep attempting to make it if you want. I think that you’re trying to say that because LFC have made some bad signings, that means that no fan of the club can comment on an opinion piece about other teams signings? Troll.

    2. Shock horror..LFC fan in a reality distortion field… Paulinho @17 million is a great deal…and No Spurs fan “DREAMS” of signing Higauin…especially not at £25m even Farsenal fans don’t “Dream” of that…

      He is spare parts at RM,real a “Marquee” striker signing would be any one of Isco, Cavani, Suarez, Bale, Rooney, Ronaldo, Messi, Lewandowski, Aguero, Neymar, Balotelli, Benzima Falcao, Jackson Marintez, Van Dirty…Farsenal fans just want a sign of hope that they will make “Big Signing’s” the reality is £25m for Higauin is 10 million too much!

      Hate all you want LFC thats fine, while Suarez goes to RM you’ll be lucky to finish in the top 15….£35m for Carroll was £32m too much. your best Midfield player Gerrard is too old and busted.

      1. i see you are out of shell again…i guess it must have taken 30 days to sober up after drinking and crying over losing the forth spot.
        I doubt Suarez will leave and its not because he wants to stay at LFC but Real have other interest higher than Suarez. so if i was a spurs fan i would be worried cause Bale might fly the coup as him and cavani seem a higher priority than Suarez for Real.

        1. Typical weak response from a scouser…still recovering from being stabbed in the back by your hero Suarez?

          Crawl back under your bin

          1. yup i realize numbnuts like you cannot reason.

            I really wouldn’t cry over Luis leaving as he done more harm to LFC brand than good
            but he might not have an choice and end up staying as Real Madrid are not that eager in wanting him compared to Bale.

      2. Liverpool relying on Suarez is made out in sections of the press to be more than what it really is. Fact is, without him on the team, it still would have been a 7th placed finish, so the notion of being lucky to finish in the top 15 is a bit far fetched… I’m not actually sure he’s going to go anywhere just yet because as has been noted by somebody else on here, Madrid have their sights set on other players ahead of Suarez so I wouldn’t go getting too cocky just yet because your own star player may have his head turned… there’s a long way to go before the transfer window shuts.

        As for Andy Carroll. Yes it wasn’t great business, it was a last minute panic buy but the people responsible are no longer at the club. The new management team have put that straight – he’s no longer a Liverpool player so it’s case closed. Rodgers sold a Carroll… and he bought a Coutinho so, no, it’s not all bad.

  2. Whats with people hating Arsenal for not being money bags like city and chelsea. Im not an arse fan but they are a fantastically run club and promote youth. I wish Utd would take a leaf out of there book.

    1. City spent money, won EPL title. Chelsea spent money, won Champions League title.

      Arsenal did *not* spend money, celebrated final day of season at New castle **like** they won a title.

      That is why peeps be hatin’.

      4th place seems to *always* be their only aspiration. And again, this coming season, they’ll be swept aside in the CL by a better team who *spent* the money to make them better than the Gunners.

      They *need* to spend cash. It’s King. It talks. Youth promotion is a secondary, long lost afterthought when talking about a “fantastically run” club. The well run clubs know when to open their wallets, know how to attract those big money earners to their pitch. Yes, youth promotion is a key component to the future of the game, but it is by no means the way to add silverware to one’s collection… and Aresenal’s collection is collecting dust at the moment.

      Big time money and big time players is the only way to compete in the land of giants. In football, the only time that really matters is The Now.

      1. You neglect the fact that Chelsea and city hve benefactors and would be sh*t without them. I guess without money barca would not have won 3 ucls in 7 years. Dortmund made it to a final by promoting youth. I guess your English which is why you say money is king. I guess thats why England is so terrible. Laughing stocks of world football.

    2. “Im not an arse fan but they are a fantastically run club and promote youth. I wish Utd would take a leaf out of there book.”


      What youh do arsenal give a go? They buy not develop if it’s not from the Southampton academy it’s from clairefontaine,,, they just bought the French u20 striker yesterday…. What on earth are you talking about!

      Man Utd have Abenaki great model for bringing in youth to the 1st team…end English youth too,

      I can’t believe you are a utd fan….lol. Sure you have debts but ratio to income they are nothing, they weren’t even the clubs debts they’re mostly the personal debts of the glazers from buying the club.

      Run like arsenal….rip of the fans for 0 trophies and a bunch of French imports…. Sure make sense if you are a banker or a scout down the road from clairefontaine….

      Unbelievable post from a utd fan

      1. If I see a Spurs article on here I log on instantly to witness you losing your sh*t and making crazy statements. Keep up the outstanding work, Dust!

        1. Shocking to see an alleged Utd Supporter prefer Farsensl setup to Utd’s…that’s what’s insane…the Facts are Man Utd are the worlds biggest football brand record English domestic league champs and a source of great English talent.. For a Utd fan to say that Farsenal have a better setup specifically to winning and youth development is absolutely mental.

          Sure Farcenal have the support of the French FA youth system but that’s great for France not England.

  3. If Spurs keep Bale and add a world class striker watch out. Paulinho, Sandro and Dembele in the middle is formidable as any side in the prem.

    1. Dembele in his second season with Paulinho who showed against some of the best players in the world he is deserved of the praise and expectation. Sandro returns…whoever DOESNT think that will be a formidable starting midfield is clueless.

      Here is something I can see being quite devastating with the ??? filled in…more signings apparently AVB and Baldini have 4 more planned (inc Villa)

      Potential Formation 4-1-2-3

      Potential Starting 11


      Walker Kaboul Vertonghen Rose/??


      Paulinho Dembele

      ?? (Free Roll) Bale (Free Roll) Villa (Free Roll)

      Holtby, Siggy, Dempsey, Lennon, Caulker

      1. For some reason the formatting with spaces was it is again


        Walker—-Kaboul—– Vertonghen—–Rose/??



        ?? (Free Roll) Bale (Free Roll) Villa (Free Roll)

        Holtby, Siggy, Dempsey, Lennon, Caulker

        1. Good post, Duster.

          The Spurs mid is going to be beastly. Dems, Sandro, and Paulie are all monster, and the three of them in tandem is going to cause headaches for any team they come across this season.

          When Dems shields off yet another would-be defender with his mad subtle ball control skills, then politely feeds Paulie, who touches to Bale with a nice, perfectly weighted through-ball… Woo-wee!… I can see it now…

          All that’s left is for the keeper to dig the rock out of the back of the net.



  4. Liverpool fan talking about Paulinho being average? No doubt he drools week in week out looking at Downing…lmfao

  5. I like this signing, i think he will do good in EPL and help Spurs, definitely miles better than Scotty Parker. good one by spurs.

  6. As a Tottenham fan, I am thrilled by two things. First, Paulinho appears to be a tremendous player who will fit into our midfield very well with Dembele and Sandro. Second, Spurs pulled the trigger on a deal at the beginning of July instead of waiting until deadline day…progress!

    There’s a lot of quality and depth in our midfield. COYS!

  7. Definitely a good signing for Spurs and great to get it done early. Sandro, Paulinho and Dembele would no doubt be the best central midfield in the EPL, and with Holtby/Carroll/etc have options for rotation to keep everyone fresh.

    Now on to get a striker.

    My only concern with splashing the cash here and on several other rumored purchases – I hope they’re actually spending money as an investment and not simply pre-spending Bale’s transfer fee.

  8. Oh yeah…wait…this mega, über, marquee 25m signing for Farsenal Higuain is the same guy that was so bad, Real brought in Adebyor on loan and who relegated Higuainto the bench?

    Just checking…25m lol

    1. What is your definition of bad? Higuain scored 108 in 188 La Liga appearances. He had 16 goals in 28 games last season. In comparison Adebayor had 5 goals in 24 games for Spurs.

      Real brought in Adebayor because Higuain was injured most of the season. Higuain had 10 goals in 17 games that season compared to Adebayor’s 5 in 14. I guess true Spurs fan has no need for facts.

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