Blackburn Rovers Home Shirt for 2013-14 Season: Official [PHOTO]

Blackburn’s home kit for the 2013-14 season will be available tomorrow. The new Blackburn home shirt, designed by Nike, is one of the best Rovers shirts I’ve seen in years. The design of it is spectacular.

According to the club website:

“In acknowledgement of the Football League’s 125th anniversary celebrations – and Rovers’ status as one of the 12 founder member clubs – Nike have reverted back to the original orientation of the famous blue-and-white halves, which was the predominant form of the shirt until 1942.

“This season also marks the 100-year anniversary of Rovers’ First Division title success in 1913-14.”

Blackburn’s home shirt typically has the blue half on the player’s left side of his chest, over his heart. But the original orientation is reversed. Personally, I like this new shirt design better because it makes the Blackburn crest pop more.

What are your thoughts about Blackburn’s new home shirt for next season?

4 thoughts on “Blackburn Rovers Home Shirt for 2013-14 Season: Official [PHOTO]”

  1. That’s really sharp. I predict few responses in this thread because there is no opportunity for people to make fun of how creatively empty Nike is. :)

    It is seriously odd that they would use one of their best designs this year on Blackburn……

    1. It makes me wonder what the terms of a club’s contract is with Nike. For example, if a club decides to use a shirt design from the adidas template, they get a larger cut of the contract. Or if they decide to go for a more original design, the contract value is less. If anyone can shine some light, that’d be great.

      The Gaffer

    2. why say Blackburn founder member best run club in country until venkys
      best real fans not plastic brilliant club.

  2. One of the cleanest shirts I’ve seen in a while. Let’s hope there is a decent sponsor if any.

    Good question Chris. I suspect this is a template as well.

    It just happens to be a minimal one that allows the club’s identity to flow through, as opposed to the current Adidas template du jour – with those annoying sleeves.

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