Anticipation Building Among US Soccer Fans For International Champions Cup

Taking a step back and looking at the eight massive soccer clubs that’ll be competing in the International Champions Cup later this month in the United States, it’s difficult to judge who the bigger stars are — the managers or the footballers?

When you have the likes of Chelsea, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Everton, Juventus, Inter Milan, Valencia and LA Galaxy competing on US soil, who’s the bigger draw? Is it Mourinho-Ancelotti-Conte-Martinez and company, or is it Ronaldo-Balotelli-Tevez-Fellaini-Zanetti and co?

The must-see tournament features giants of world soccer competing to win the inaugural Champions Cup. Without a shadow of the doubt, this is the biggest club competition anywhere in the world this preseason, and we’re fortunate to have 11 of the 12 games in the USA.

Over a span of 8 days, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Everton, Juventus, Valencia, AC Milan and LA Galaxy will play across the United States in New York, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami and Phoenix. Check out the schedule.

After the eight teams complete their initial round of matches, all eight teams will converge on Miami’s Sun Life Stadium for two days of games on August 6 and 7. Each day will feature a double-header with the second match of the final day featuring the final match between the two best teams in order to crown the eventual champion.

On top of that, the two-days of games in Miami will also feature a fan festival at the stadium with food, fun and activities to create a soccer atmosphere.

Tickets are still available for all of the games including the finals in Miami.

Over the next several days, World Soccer Talk will be taking a closer look at each of the eight teams participating.

And if you’re planning on going to any of the games, or if you have any questions for us, let us know in the comments section below.

8 thoughts on “Anticipation Building Among US Soccer Fans For International Champions Cup”

    1. The Galaxy are the biggest team in America, while Everton are one of the most historic teams in England with several star players. Both clubs are worthy of the plaudits.

  1. I’m very excited for the NYC matches however I’m going to wait to buy tickets. I feel like we got raked over the coals with the Manchester City vs Chelsea and Ireland vs Spain tickets.

    I’m not sure if Metlife is opening all 80,000 plus seats or not but it’s going to be tough to fill that place either way. I’m hoping there will be some good deals soon.

  2. Big teams or not, there’s still the issue that these are exhibition games played on a couple days rest with travel in between.

    The ticket prices of $200+ seem way more than what the market will bear. We shall see.

  3. Will there be any opportunities to get autographs, are the teams setting nything up for fans other than the games ? THX

  4. We have our tickets to Miami and are very excited. But we are having trouble finding details about the fan activities. Do you have any leads?

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