AC Milan Home and Away Shirts for 2013-14 Season [PHOTOS]

AC Milan today officially unveiled their new away shirt for the 2013-14 season.

The white shirt with gold, red and black trim is smartly designed, with a rounded collar and lines down the side of the shirt as well as shooting out from near the collars, giving the shirt a distinct look.

While Milan have now unveiled their third and away shirts for next season, the one shirt they haven’t revealed yet is the AC Milan home shirt. View a leaked photo of the new AC Milan shirt above.

The home shirt features a classic Milan design of red and black vertical stripes — although the stripes are thinner than in previous years. The shirt has black sleeves and is accented by gold stripes down each sleeve, which — again — really sets this design apart.

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2 thoughts on “AC Milan Home and Away Shirts for 2013-14 Season [PHOTOS]”

  1. That AC Milan home looks totally class. Normally not a fan of gold accents but that works like crazy on this one. Nice to see adidas didn’t ruin this with the silly winged look either.

    The little Italian flag on the collar is pretty cool too.

    Might have to pick up one of these for my kit collection come to think of it.

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