Voila! The Winning Designs From the Who Are Ya Designs T-Shirt Contest

Who Are Ya Designs and World Soccer Talk recently teamed up to run a contest to give away some lovely prizes. But, on top of that, the 3 winners had their soccer T-shirt idea made into a real life T-shirt that’s now available to buy on the Who Are Ya Designs online store.

Congratulations to all three winners.

Here are the winning ideas:

1. New York Citeh (winning idea was submitted by Jonathan Whitt):

2. Liverbirds meet Abbey Road (winning idea was submitted by Colin Steele):

3. All My Heroes Are Villans (winning idea was submitted by John Kurilec):

Which one of the three do you like best? Let us know in the comments section below.

All three T-shirt designs — as well as a large selection of other beautiful shirt designs — are available online in the Who Are Ya Designs online store.

8 thoughts on “Voila! The Winning Designs From the Who Are Ya Designs T-Shirt Contest”

  1. The Liverpool one is freaking awesome, but they couldn’t make the little dragons red or gold? Maybe the intellectual property police would be on them for that, but it did not seem to stop the other two designs.

    The NYCFC? That’s my lot right there, but meh.

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