New adizero F50 Messi from adidas [PHOTOS]

It’s not often that we write about soccer boots on World Soccer Talk, but when photos of the new Adizero F50 Messi came into our in-box, we couldn’t resist to share them with you.

The boots (or cleats, as Americans calls them) are described by adidas as “the next iteration of Messi’s f50 boots [that] feature the new, bright TURBO / BLAST PURPLE / WHITE colourway.”

The press release from adidas adds, “The new colourway of the boots is inspired by the way Messi plays at the ‘speed of light’.

“The new adizero f50 combines revolutionary technologies and precision engineering with every aspect of the boot design based around making the wearer as fast as possible on the football field. At only 165g, the adizero f50 is one of the lightest shoes on the market.”

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