Tottenham Hotspur Home, Away and Third Shirts for 2013-14 Season: Leaked [PHOTOS]

A photo of Tottenham Hotspur’s home, away and third shirts for the 2013-14 season has been leaked on the Internet.

In what appears to be the new official shirts from Under Armour, the Tottenham Hotspur shirts feature the name of what is allegedly the new shirt sponsor for Spurs — HP. Not HP Sauce, but Hewlett Packard.

The new home Tottenham Hotspur shirt for 2013-14 is a classic Tottenham shirt design with a white shirt accented by navy blue trim and a v-neck collar. I like the design of the horizontal stripe on each sleeve, which balances the shirt rather nicely.

Tottenham’s away shirt, presumably the navy blue one, is bound to foster a lot of debate. As a shirt design, it’s cleverly made, incorporating the shirt sponsor name into the design of the shirt — featuring a white stripe down the right side that becomes part of the ‘H’ in HP.

The third shirt for Tottenham Hotspur is a classy two-tone black and charcoal design that is accented by white trim and yellow club crest and yellow Under Armour logo.

The quality of the actual promotional ad itself hints that these are the real Tottenham Hotspur shirts. According to 101 Great Goals, “The picture below has started doing the rounds on Tottenham forums, allegedly they are sourced from the currently under construction Under Armour website.”

If these are Tottenham’s new home, away and third shirts for next season, what’s your opinion about them? Post your feedback in the comments section below.

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45 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur Home, Away and Third Shirts for 2013-14 Season: Leaked [PHOTOS]”

  1. Those are Nike templates used in photoshop from the past season. Good looking fakes. The home is an arsenal template from 12-13.

    1. Fortunately, it is NOT a template of this past year’s LeArse kit. Arsenal’s had a crew neck, bolder stripes on thr sleeves, and the base sleeve colour was different than the kit colour as a whole (red kit, white sleeves), as you can see, that differs greatly from our kit^. I honestly think thesr are for really and I really like them, although i thibk we they should have gone for “Spurs Yellow” rather than the neon green on the third kit. Other than that, really original and modern yet classy. Love’em, especially the away kit

  2. The away shirt looks more like Tottenham is sponsoring HP Football Club instead of the other way around.

    1. Exactly. Well said.

      This is the biggest sponsorship logo I have ever seen on any particular shirt before.


      We’re Tottenham! We loooovvvvvveeeee printers and ink cartridges! Go HP!

      Holy cow. Garreth might leave just because of that shirt.


  3. Not a bad shirt. But the Tottenham shirt from this past year was much better. When taken as a replacement for this year’s shirt I think it is a letdown. But if you forget that, its not too bad.

  4. No, just no. I’ve seen a different 3 shirts on the Internet and looked much better. I’ve also heard that the sponsor on the shirts this year will be investec not autonomy. COYS..!

  5. These are Fake – GUARANTEED!, id give every reader £100 if these turn out to be real

    Firstly, The BLUE KIT:
    Sponsor filling the entire shirt?? Please.

    Secondly, The Home Shirt:
    BLACK (?) trim on the collar? WTF?


    1. The photos were found on Under Armour’s website, which is currently under construction. So the source appears to be real. Better get those £100 notes out to pay the readers! 😉

      The Gaffer

      1. It was said they were found on the UA site, but the OP on reddit hasn’t really been able to explain exactly how these were discovered. The money might be safe yet. (I certainly hope so if only for a different home shirt)

      1. Its not on the Under Armour website. The three DIFFERENT kit designs leaked onto the internet today are all a smokescreen for the real designs due out in the next few days. Yours D. Levy

  6. They look cheap, but still an improvement on the rubbish we were wearing last season.

    Every year another 3 new kits. Where is it going to end.

  7. The blue away one is taking the p*ss. Whatever next?! Still better than the hideous rubbish Liverpool will be wearing away from home this season.

    1. That is really interesting – I did not realise the FA had such detailed guidelines for this sort of thing.

      Makes sense, though. If not, you’d see all kinds of clubs in the lower levels of the FL wearing dreadful full-shirt sponsor logos.

    2. How far across do you think the diameter is of those “big” hp logos?

      I did the math and about 14cm across (diameter) would be meeting the 200cm area requirements.

      I hope you’re right though, these are hideous!

      1. The away shirt, maybe? 😀 I thiink *that one* is quite obviously in breach.

        So then why would the club produce a publicity poster for new kits when one of them is obviously in breach of the rules?

        Thus, if the poster is fake, then the shirts are fake.


  8. I believe HP sponsored Spurs during their Pony days.

    If true, all 3 kits look good.

    Even the blue shirt, which I should despise on principle, sorta works.

    I’m still suspicious however, as I thought there were regulations on the size of sponsors on shirts…

  9. Please let these be fake. Absolutely awful. Also, when did HP become a sponsor? If they were wouldn’t we find a press release on that before the shirt leak?

      1. BS. HP are owned by autonomy. They r fake as fkkk anyway. Read comments, logo size doesn’t comply with fa regs

  10. Ridiculous, ugly, Cheap looking rugby kits.
    The home kit should be All white, the away kit All Blue while the 3rd kit……..feel free to mess around with that ,
    Not the home and away ones you idiots.


  12. I really unsure how I feel, about the new tops. I’ve seen one home top, on the Internet which I do like. But knowing my luck, it’s a fake. and if My wife was going to buy me one of the tops. I guess it would be the third one, or may be the away top. We’ll have to wait until Monday 9th to find out, what are kit really looks like.

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