MLS Game Tape Delayed By Yu-Gi-Oh! TV Show

Today’s MLS game between Toronto FC and Real Salt Lake isn’t going to be shown live on television in Utah because, wait for it, the local TV station is going to air an episode of the children’s cartoon Yu-Gi-Oh! instead.

Toronto against Real Salt Lake kicked off at 1pm ET and is being shown live on Canadian TV channel TSN. But if you live in Utah, the local TV station has to show three hours of continuous children’s programming (per the FCC), which means that the Real Salt Lake game will be shown on tape delay an hour after it kicks off.

You’ve got to “love” local programming!

H/T FOX Soccer Blog.

3 thoughts on “MLS Game Tape Delayed By Yu-Gi-Oh! TV Show”

  1. Any match that features Toronto FC, should be considered children’s programming.

    But seriously – if it’s an FCC mandate, what can they do.

  2. Soccer on the local channels will never make it in the USA because of this sort of stuff. The local channels just don’t care. It’s all about advertising revenues and if a kids cartoon rakes in more than a MLS game then there is only one winner.

    Soccer is better off on a dedicated sports channel. The coverage is invariably better and it is less likely to be interrupted by storm warnings or cut to make way for truck racing.

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