Revealed: Final Results of the ‘Beat The Manager’ Prediction Game

The final results are in for the prediction game Beat The Manager, which we ran all season long. The free game tasked players with trying to predict the starting lineup for their favorite team. As well as predicting what was the best starting line-up for said team.

Over the course of the season, we gave away six brand-new Apple iPad Mini tablets. And now we can reveal who wins the sixth one for scoring the most number of points across the entire season.

The top 5 final leaderboard for Beat The Manager gameweeks 1 through 38 is as follows:

1. Greg Pierko, Liverpool, 2249 points

2. Andrew Pagano, Chelsea, 2179 points

3. Adam Heap, Manchester City, 2001 points

4. Dale Bailey Jr., Manchester United, 1910 points

5. Ahmed Yussuf, Arsenal, 1802 points

Congratulations to Greg Pierko who will be receiving an Apple iPad Mini (his second one, after winning gameweeks 1-6 and gameweeks 1-38).  Also, congratulations go out to the previous winners, each of whom received an iPad Mini:

Gameweek 1-6: Greg Pierko
Gameweek 7-12: Adam Heap
Gameweek 13-18: Andrew Pagano
Gameweek 19-24: Dale Bailey Jr
Gameweek 25-32: Bart Ewing
Gameweek 1-38: Greg Pierko

And thank you to the several hundred of you who played throughout the 2012-13 Premier League season.

Winners will be notified by e-mail.

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